The Mouth of Death

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The Mouth of Death
Author Phobus and Paul Cresswell
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Phobus's site


Not the most detailed or advanced mapset in the world, but still a bit of fun!

A bit of teamwork between brothers has produced this simple three-map set, which is pretty much a Doom2.exe wad, but uses MAPINFO and was only ever tested on ZDoom, so is best used there. Paul has only had limited mapping experience before now, so a lot of the mapwork is a mixture of his and Phobus' work. However, MAP03 is divided into 2 sections, one by Paul, and the other by Phobus. Overall gameplay and architecture is largely reminiscent of Scourge's earlier levels.


  • 3 maps
  • New music
  • "Old school" gameplay and appearance

Suitable for single play. All levels completable from a pistol start.

Made with:

Doom Builder 1.67 and XWE

More info is available on Phobus' webpage for The Mouth of Death, linked below.

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