The Magi

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The Magi
Author NerdBoy1392
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status In Progress
Link None Yet (If you know a good place to host, tell me on my talk page.)

The Magi is weapon mod. It replaces all the weapons, features new ammo, uses all 10 weapons slots, and comes in two versions as of writing. The main version replaces certain actors already in the game, allow the user to play the original game with it, although this is a little buggy. The second version uses new DoomEd numbers to allows for new WADs. I may eventually make maps for it, but my mapping skills aren't that good. (I have made a few though.) I wouldn't mind other people making maps for it. (That was the original idea.)



There are 17 Standard Spells. You can also get the Focus Spell, and the Four Armageddon Spells. You also have your fist if need be. Note that these are the preliminary versions, there will most likely be balance changes. I will probably also reorder them for convenience and consistency. These currently include:

Slot Spell Mana Type Description Powered Up Status
1 Fist None Your powers having vacated your body, you resort to simply smacking your enemies upside the head. N/A Done. (Before I started my mod.)
Death Touch None Your hands glow with an evil purple light, and your touch simply drains the life from your foes. You leap into the air, and like a Lost Soul, you fly towards your target. 90% (May modify to non-flying version. Also may make charging use mana.)
2 Beam(Working Title) Earth Your simplest spell. You fire a beam of energy that can easily travel through and blow your enemies apart. You spend more energy to fire your beam faster. 100%
Fireline Fire You release a line of fire that travels up and over cliffs, burning your foes. You release your line of fire horizontally, creating a wall of fire. 75% (Currently has Unlimited range, need to limit this.)
3 Slash Air You release blades of air that slice your enemies in two. (If I had the graphics.) You release many more smaller blades, focusing your efforts into a smaller area. 95%
Magic Missile Water You fire 5 magic missiles that home in on your target. You release 7 magic missiles in a different formation, focusing your efforts. 90% (Would really like it to switch targets in mid-flight.)
4 Telekinetic Burst Earth You release a burst of telekinetic energy, pushing your enemies away hard enough to hurt them You focus even more energy into the area, pushing your enemies even harder. 100%
Shatter Earth You shake apart the fabric of reality, damaging your targets. You spread out and intensify your efforts, doing more damage over a larger area. 95%
5 Fireball Fire You conjure a massive ball of fire, exploding on contact, and setting the ground around it on fire. You funnel so much energy into the fireball that it leaves a trail of flames as it travels. 95%
Not Decided N/A N/A N/A N/A
6 Burning Hands(Might be renamed.) Fire You release a jet of flames, burning your foes to a crisp. You spread out the flames, allowing you to affect more enemies. 90%
Wind Air As you exhale, your enemies and their projectiles fly from you. You spread out the blast over a wide area. 90%
7 Cold Sphere Water A sphere of extreme cold escapes from your hands, freezing and passing through anything in it's path. You make the sphere so cold that it can even freeze enemies as it goes by them. 95%
Ice Blast Water A ring of cold erupts around you, pushing away and freezing your foes. You intensify the wave, expanding it's radius, and making even colder. 95%
8 Vortex Air Broken N/A 25%
Not Decided N/A N/A N/A N/A
9 Lightning Air Not implemented N/A 0%
Shield Earth Not implemented N/A 0%
10 Focus All You summon all of your energy to create a massive show of power. N/A 100%
Magic Overload Water/Focus You funnel your stored energy directly into the world, releasing a wave of energy all around you. N/A 100%
Fire Wave Fire/Focus (Not Implemented) You release a massive wave of Fire in front of you, turning anything stupid enough to stay there into a pile of ash. N/A 0%
Shockwave Air/Focus (Not Implemented) You charge up a massive amount of energy, then release it into the world as lightning with enough power to blow your enemies away. N/A 0%
Earthquake Earth/Focus (Not Implemented) You fill the earth beneath you with your energy, raising spikes of rock from the ground, and leaving debris everywhere. N/A 0%
Status Codes:
0% No work
10% Basic code
25% Does something in game
50% Half-way done
75% Done, but balancing issues.
90% Done, minor issues.
95% All Done, need graphics.
100% Done


It features 4 new Ammo types, and two new 'stats'. Your stats will be:

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Stamina (Read Below.)
  • Focus (Read Below.)

You have four mana types:

  • Fire Mana
  • Water Mana
  • Air Mana
  • Earth Mana


All (Or most) spells will have a more powerful version, accessed through AltFire. These are either more powerful (Obviously), faster, or larger. Using the powered up versions drains your stamina because of the stress on your mind and body. Your stamina will recharge slowly over time.


Armageddon is the final spell. It is actually 5 different Spells, 1 for each mana type, and a charging spell.

Each spell uses a chunk of the appropriate mana, most of your stamina, and all of your Focus.

You get Focus by either picking up the mana sphere pickup, or using the Focus Spell. The Focus Spell drains some mana from all four types, and gives you power charge.

  • Armageddon Spells
    • Magic Overload (Water)
    • Fire Burst (Fire) (Not implemented yet.)
    • Shock Wave (Air) (Not implemented yet.)
    • Earthquake (Earth) (Not implemented yet.)


The Mana Sphere will replace the Backpack. It will recharge your primary manas halfway, increase your maximum mana, and restore your stamina.

Different colors of potions will replace the health packs and such, and all healing potions will restore part of your Stamina.

All Pickups: (Note: None of these have been implemented yet, but I'm pretty sure I can get them all working.)


  • Blue Vial - Small healing. (1% health (max 200%), 5% stamina.)
  • Blue Potion - Medium healing. (10% health (max 150%), 25% stamina.)
  • Large Blue Potion - Large healing (25% health (max 100%), 50% stamina.)
  • Life Sphere - A blob of life energy, fully restores your life and stamina. Gives 10 to all mana.
  • Yellow Potion - Full Stamina recharge


Each mana type has three pickups:

  • [Mana] Mote (10%)
  • [Mana] Blob (25%)
  • [Mana] Sphere (50%)

In addition, you can also find these:

  • Purple Vial - Recharges 10% of each mana.
  • Purple Potion - Recharges 20% of each mana.
  • Mana Sphere - Doubles primary mana cap, gives 25% in each, and fully charges Focus and Stamina.


  • Green Potion - Speed boost for a short period of time.
  • Red Potion - Makes all your spells more powerful for a short period of time.
  • Crystal Potion - Makes you invulnerable for a short period of time. Projectiles will bounce off of you. (Hopefully.)
  • Invisibility Potion (No color because it doesn't have one. It will be slightly translucent.) - Invisibility for a short period of time.

Graphical Design

I have created a new Hud, designed to fit everything in, but still remain compact. There's an icon for every spell, but I still managed to get it to fit fairly reasonably. It is currently going under (another) design change. This one will probably be hires. This means that you will probably have to play at at least 2x original Doom resolution. (Which was 320x200, I think.) Though unless your computer is really old, this shouldn't be a problem.

Also, I will be trying to maintain compatibility with ZDoom (sprite wise). I may create a PNG full color version though, or this may become the only version. Once again, this will probably only be a minor issue.

I want to do the hand effects with Blender, but I need a good hand model. I suck at modeling, and the only good free ones I could find were in a closed format, which I can't import into Blender. I think it was '.3DS'.


There are no maps designed for it yet. It's not done yet.


The Magi is still currently under production.

There aren't any special graphics yet, just some simple hands. I'll add some cool effects as soon as I get done with the code.

Progress has slowed a bit (I got really distracted over the summer.), but I'm still working on it. I was also kinda waiting for the new version, because it has a lot of features which would be extremely useful. If any body has an approximate time (like 3 or 6 months, nothing specific), that would be helpful. --NerdBoy1392 16:16, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

I have started development of some basic graphics. I have created Full Color PNGs for all the potions, and am currently migrating my resources to .pk3.

I have created the basic HUD, and have created nice abstract icons for the spells. Most of this workload went through the GIMP.

W00t! The new version is out. I have already implemented the TEXTURES Lump, so the HUD looks nice and clean. However, because I'm using hi-res graphics, the mod will be one of the few that actually has requirements. You will need to have a resolution of at least 640 x 400. (You can run it at the original res of 320 x 200, and it is usable, but it doesn't look good.) You will also have to be running at least ZDoom v2.3.0 due to some of the features it uses. --NerdBoy1392 18:07, 7 March 2009 (UTC)


This section documents the tools I'm using (or will be using), so that others can know what I used, and maybe get some cool ideas of their own.

Wad Managment

  • XWE(Extensible Wad Editor) - Used before I switched to pk3, and still used to extract lumps from other sources.
  • Doom Builder - Not used in this WAD (Yet.), but this is what I use to edit maps and write ACS scripts. I also use XWE if for some reason Doom Builder isn't working.
  • 7-Zip - This is what I use for pk3 editing. I would use WinRAR, but it's not free. (I live on free software.) See also Tips for using ZIPs as WAD replacement

3-D Modeling

  • Blender - Excellent 3-D Modeling program. I used it for some renders in the WAD/pk3.

Image Manipulation

  • The GIMP (GNU/General Image Manipulation Program) - Awesome Image program, like Photoshop, but free. (And better, in my opinion)
  • IrfanView - Useful for quick viewing and conversion, when I don't want to load the GIMP.

Sound Manipulation

  • Audacity - Another excellent program, for advanced sound editing.


  • musikCube - Because no project should be without some entertainment, and because I sometimes have a short attention span.


I use this software because it is excellent software, made by excellent people, and it's free, so anyone can use my tool set if they want. Most of it is Open-Source, like ZDoom.

Coming Soon: Links, and maybe more, because I think I forgot something.