The Genesis Saga

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A screenshot of The Genesis Saga
Genesis Saga Aurora
Authors Ryan Cordell and Hellser
Port GZDoom
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Status Officially unreleased
Link N/A


A modification that allows a radical gameplay change of the Doom series via modification of its enemies, additions of new ones, replacement of most of the weapons and so on. The mod works on all of the Doom games, yet, does not work on others based off it, such as Hexen, Heretic, Strife and so on, due to specific coding which forces every actor to work only under the Doom series. It also offers a lot of graphical enhancements and features made possible by ZDoom's advanced ACS implementation and DECORATE language.

It has a variety of advanced features, such as the ability to turn on or off lamps, the ability to hear your own footsteps, splashes on various liquids, landing sounds, reloading, advanced enemies, additional enemies, nightvision goggles that can be turned on or off at any time to preserve energy, the ability to pull off more attacks with your fists, alternative and tertiary firing modes, and so on.

Meant to be in a survival theme, its actual theme is hence, unknown.


There aren't many screens yet made using the current version of the modification, however, one video has been made showing off the "Usability" feature, which allows players to turn off or on lamps, amongst other things, which the author plans to include in the future.

Video no. 1 - Usability Feature


The Genesis Saga..

An ongoing war famous for the relentless massacre from the Hell Legion, a demon force that seems nigh unstoppable. It was long thought as being unstoppable due to sheer number and power.

The United Aerospace Corporation are known for their technological marvel and for their virtually limitless funding, which has allowed them to leap beyond what most thought could be possible with technology, from weaponry to the latest in teleportation technology. The war has calmed down somewhat, as the teleportation and weapon experimentation went underway. Problems with the teleportation systems were noticed at first, but shunt aside, as most attention actually went towards weapon development, mainly, the BFG 9000 and the Plasma Rifle, the latest in their arsenal of weaponry which delivers far more firepower than other weaponry, if only second towards the famous Rocket Launcher. The teleportation technology was only being developed by a select group of scientists, yet, even with their expertise in all of their fields, they have failed to predict that things would go horribly, horribly wrong..

The teleportation system was soon hijacked by the Hell Legion, as they were able to use the various devices scattered around the Earth moons and satellites to launch a swift strike to weaken the human forces. Successfully, the demons have soon mostly taken over the bases with little to no resistance, freely murdering and corrupting the staff to their will, adding to their forces. They have first stationed themselves upon the two satellites as a means of reinforcement before of their eventual strike on Earth.

The marine (the player), demoted due to reasons unknown in his squadron, was sent to investigate the latest conquest — a hangar bay stationed on the Phobos satellite, housing what also happened to be a rather powerful, if rare, shotgun weapon. However, the ship that dropped him off was soon shut down by the hijacked security systems, as the marine rushed inside. Seeing as it was mostly an intelligence gathering mission, he was left with little weaponry but his fists, his assault rifle and his knowledge in weaponry and tactics. This, is where the lone marine will make all the difference in the war against the Hell Legion.

But how far will the war span?