The Dark Portal

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The Dark Portal
Author Carl Lewis a.k.a. Roots and Steve Noble
Port [[]]
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Status Released

This is the first Hexen hub replacement ever made. Many pain-staking hours of production have been used to perfect the workmanship in these five handcrafted levels. only the most advanced players will tough out the challenges that we throw at them; so, are you up to our challenge?

Story: The Wastelands Part 1: The Dark Portal The day breaks to the night's firm grasp; the sun yields to its everlasting power and tranquility, the time of rest is near. The time is of ancient; medieval philosophy rule the land, whilst its kings lay siege to foreign realms for sheer conquest and annihilation. Within the courtyards of a peaceful kingdom, you prepare yourself as a royal knight of valor and honor; training for the day one such land lays siege to your home. The beliefs of superstition and magic are prevalent here, though pure evidence of its existence can not be found nor proven. But this night is different; you can feel a strange presence in the air-- a presence of absolute evil and vile destruction. You cautiously make way for home, feeling as if some supernatural force is watching your every move. Upon the arrival to your cottage, you quickly store away your belongings, making way for bed. After a time that seemed forever, sleep finally overcomes your thoughts and you drift off, away from this world.

In your dreams, you have a vision of a world lying in total chaos and despair, where sorcery, magic, and corruption prevails; a world whose people are enslaved by a power-hungry leader known only as Lord Korax. As his legions of warriors protect his castle, Korax's cabinet of Wizards has gathered in his throne room, using black magic to open a gateway to Earth. The vision fades as a being walks and stands before you in your dreams. He is a profit dressed in elaborate robes; obviously from the wastelands you just saw. He speaks to you in a low whisper, as if not to be heard by anyone else.

"If you do not stop Korax, your people will be destroyed and your world will be lost for all time.", says the stranger.
"Who are you?", you ask quizzically.
"I am of the alliance-- We are the only ones left, brave enough to stand against Korax's evil reign."
"Who is this Korax you speak of?"
"Korax is absolute evil. He is using our people and our powers for his plans to conquer and pillage. Even as we speak, he is draining the life essences from my body and my people; he using our power to conquer other worlds. Your world is next."
"Why Me? You are a sorcerer who has great magic! Why can't you free your own people? I am nothing."
"It has been prophesied for generations of a liberator not of this world. You are that liberator. You are our only hope left in our dying world. Help us, or we will be lost to the enemy for all time; and so will your world when Korax's gate is fully established! My power grows weak, as I am using the last ounce of my strength to contact you; I haven't much time"
"How can I defeat an entity of such great power?"
"When you wake up, there will be a wizard's staff next to your bed, use it against all your foes. We have hidden the greater weapons, so that they will not fall into the hands of the enemy.
Farewell chosen one. Please do not fail us, or all is lost."
"Wait! I have some much more to ask you!"

The being fades from your view, screaming in utter misery, as a vile, evil laughter clouds your mind. You awake with sweat running down your face. It could not be real! It was only a dream! In the distance you hear one final confirmation:
"Help us.... Help us...."
The voices fades as rapidly as they came. You look out your window and see the horrendous portal. You now know what you must do. You run down into your basement to your stock hold, then make
your way to the ever-glowing portal. You grip the wand tightly as you step through; what happens next, you will never forget. You are transported to a small room. Korax stands before you,
mocking your efforts.
"So, you are the liberator."
You stand absolutely stiff, frozen in complete fear.

"Look at yourself, human; you can barely even move. How can you be the hero of prophecy?"
Out of pure courage (or stupidity), you aim the staff that the wizard gave you towards Korax's black heart, and fire. The shot fazed Korax none. Korax roars at your infidelity.
"Do you really think that your pea-shooter will harm me, human?" Korax laughs in your face.
"I think I will play a little game with you, player", Korax
says, "I will let you wander through my world. If you are strong enough to survive against my servants, then I will come and personally rip your heart out."

Korax laughs again. With a wave of his hand, you are warped into a dark and damp hallway; you can still hear Korax laughing in the distance. From now on, Korax will be watching your every move. Smells of recently slaughtered animals fill your head. You look behind you and see the portal going back home. You desire to return to the safety and comfort of your bed, but you must continue in your quest. You turn back around and see a room at the end of the hallway, but only God knows what lies beyond.