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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.


bool TestMobjLocation()


Checks if the Actor is clipping into actors or geometry at its current position. This can be used to check if a newly spawned actor can actually fit in the place where it was spawned.

Note, this function returns false only when the actor's position is overlapping geometry or other actors. For checking if an actor can move into a specified position, see CheckMove.

Return value

  • bool - returns true if the calling actor has enough space. If the actor is clipping into other actors or geometry, returns false.


This function will spawn a specified monster 64 units in front of the calling actor and make it friendly on spawn. If there's no space for the spawned monster, it'll be destroyed and a message will be printed:

void A_SpawnFriend(class<Actor> cls)
	actor mo = Spawn(cls, pos + (RotateVector((64, 0), angle), 0)); //spawn specified actor class 64 units in front of the calling actor
	if (mo)
		if (!mo.TestMobjLocation())
			Console.Printf("Not enough space for a %s", mo.GetTag());
			mo.bFriendly = true;

See also RotateVector.