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Thanks for the tip on how to convert fixed and int with a shift!!! Very useful with hudmessage!

What about the part about octics. It may say that the Hexen specs weren't clear. But what about what the Hexen source says? It's peculiar anyway to give support for octics (1/8 seconds), when 35 is not divisible by 8.--Printz 13:15, 22 February 2010 (UTC)

The Hexen source use the term "octic" only once, and it's in a comment. Analyzing the code where it's used (A_ACTION.C lines 1210-1287) seem to say that an octic corresponds to eight tics (so, not 1/8th of a second, but 8/35th of a second), because we're told that a value corresponds to the lifespan of a Bat created by a BatSpawner in octics. That value is then multiplied by 8, and then the bat decreases it by two every two tics, and when it reaches 0 the bat dies.
Doesn't matter anyway. Hexen has no "octic" macro or anything like that. ZDoom's use of octics is to simplify sector movement code, which has always been based on powers of two per seconds, independently of the tic rate, ever since Doom. Except that instead of multiplying by the ticrate and by FRACUNIT before dividing by eight (like Doom and Hexen both do), ZDoom uses an OCTIC macro which makes the code easier to read. --Gez 14:30, 22 February 2010 (UTC)