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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

SecPlanes store information about the floor and ceiling planes that make up a sector. Each sector comes with two pointers, ceilingplane and floorplane. 3D floors instead use bottom and top to store their plane data respectively. When getting information about z heights at positions or slope data, SecPlanes must be used.

Warning: SecPlanes are not serializable, meaning references to them cannot be saved in a save file. If you need to store them as a member variable in a class or struct, make sure said variable is defined as transient and gets updated when loading a save.


  • Vector3 Normal - A unit vector that is perpendicular to the plane.
  • double D - Contains the plane's distance from the world origin. See the general form of a plane for more information.
  • double negiC - The same as -1 / Normal.z. Pre-computed to speed up certain tasks such as calculating the z height at an xy point on a plane.