Special lumps

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These are all data lumps you can place in a wad in order to customise various aspects of gameplay.

For Skulltag specific lumps see Skulltag features.

Plain text lumps

The following lumps use a simple text syntax and can be made in any text editor.

Compiled lumps

These lumps must be compiled by various tools, and offer advanced control of some ZDoom aspects.

Graphic lumps

These lumps are image files or ANSI colored text graphics.

  • CONBACK Console background, if not supplied TITLEPIC is used instead.
  • ENDOOM The special text screen displayed when quitting the game, if the option to display them is turned on.
  • TITLEPIC Picture displayed on the title screen if no TITLEMAP is present.
  • AUTOPAGE Optional background for the full-screen automap.
  • Startup lumps The startup screens used by Heretic, Hexen and Strife.


These lumps are used as markers between lumps to give them special identification or attributes. These are not needed when Using ZIPs as WAD replacement.

  • HI_START / HI_END Used to define hi-res textures to replace textures already defined.
  • TX_START / TX_END Used to identify the lump between them as textures/flats.