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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

struct LevelLocals
native void SpawnParticle(FSpawnParticleParams p);


Spawns a particle on the map. This acts as a struct-using replacement for A_SpawnParticleEx, due to how many parameters that method has. Since this method is in the LevelLocals struct, it must be called with the LevelLocals or Level prefix.


  • p: A pointer to the FSpawnParticleParams struct that stores the parameters the function will use.


Note: Structs have no default values, so parameters that have defaults in A_SpawnParticleEx such as startalpha and color1 do not have them here !

The parameters the FSpawnParticleParams struct has are the same as the ones A_SpawnParticleEx uses. However, several parameters are squashed into Vector3 parameters, listed below:

  • color1: This parameter is what 'color' is renamed to.
  • texture: The texture used by the particle, same as A_SpawnParticleEx. If omitted, default untextured particles will be used.
  • pos: The absolute XYZ coordinate to spawn the particle in. It replaces the relative x/y/zoff parameters that the other particle spawn methods have.
  • vel: The velocity to apply to the particle on the XYZ axes, like the velx/y/z parameters it replaces, these values are absolute as well.
  • accel: The acceleration to apply to the particle on the XYZ axes. It replaces the accelx/y/z parameters that the other particle spawn methods have.
  • flags: The flags used by the particle, same as the ones used by A_SpawnParticle.
  • style: The renderstyle of the particle.
  • lifetime: The time in tics the particle will exist for.
  • angle: This parameter no longer exists in FSpawnParticleParams, since the SpawnParticle method uses absolute coordinates. This also means that the `SPF_REL*` flags do nothing by extension.
  • size: The size of the particle.
  • sizestep: By how much the size of the particle will change every tic. Negative values will make it smaller, positive values will make it bigger. Note, this isn't relative scale, this is absolute value, just like size.
  • startalpha: This parameter is what 'startalphaf' is renamed to.
  • fadestep: This parameter is what 'fadestepf' is renamed to. As with A_SpawnParticle, if this isn't set, the particle will fade out gradually over the course of its lifetime.
  • startroll: See A_SpawnParticle
  • rollvel: See A_SpawnParticle
  • rollacc: See A_SpawnParticle


This is a spawner that can be configured in a level editor to spawn different types of particles at a specified frequency.

Class RandomParticleSpawner : Actor
		//$Title Random Particle Spawner
		//$Category Decoration
		//$Arg0 Particle Types
		//$Arg0Tooltip "What type of particle should the spawner create"
		//$Arg0Type 11
		//$Arg0Enum {0 = "Default"; 1 = "Fire Particles"; 2 = "Doomguy Hologram";}
		//$Arg1 Frequency
		//$Arg1Tooltip "How frequently (in tics) the spawner should create a particle"
		//$Arg1Default 35
	//Give some names to the possible values of Args[0]
	Enum ParticleTypes
	Vector3 Offsets; //The offsets relative to the spawner to use for each particle.
	Override Void Tick()
		//Spawn a particle every time that the age of the spawner can be divided by the spawn frequency. Or immediately spawn one if the frequency is 0 or less.
		If (Args[1] <= 0 || GetAge() % Args[1] == 0)
			//Play fire sound for fire particles.
			If (Args[0] == TYPE_FIREBALL)
				A_StartSound ("vile/firecrkl",flags:CHANF_NOSTOP);
			//Stop fire sound if the particle type was changed during runtime.
				A_StopSound (CHAN_BODY);
			//Spawn boring default particle.
			If (Args[0] == TYPE_DEFAULT)
				Offsets = (FRandom (64,-64),FRandom (64,-64),0);
				FSpawnParticleParams DefaultParticle;
				DefaultParticle.Color1 = "Gray";
				DefaultParticle.Style = STYLE_None;
				DefaultParticle.Lifetime = 70;
				DefaultParticle.Pos = Vec3Offset (Offsets.X,Offsets.Y,Offsets.Z); //Spawn relative to the spawner.
				DefaultParticle.Size = 1.5;
				DefaultParticle.SizeStep = 1;
				DefaultParticle.Vel.Z = FRandom (0.2,6); //Randomize the velocity of the particle.
				DefaultParticle.StartAlpha = 1;
				DefaultParticle.FadeStep = 0.004;
				Level.SpawnParticle (DefaultParticle);
			//Spawn cool fire particle.
			Else If (Args[0] == TYPE_FIREBALL)
				Offsets = (FRandom (64,-64),FRandom (64,-64),0);
				FSpawnParticleParams FireballParticle;
				FireballParticle.Texture = TexMan.CheckForTexture ("BAL1A0");
				FireballParticle.Color1 = "FFFFFF";
				FireballParticle.Style = STYLE_Add;
				FireballParticle.Flags = SPF_ROLL|SPF_FULLBRIGHT;
				FireballParticle.Vel = (FRandom (0.5,-0.5),FRandom (0.5,-0.5),FRandom (0.1,0.8)); //Randomize the velocity of the particle.
				FireballParticle.RollVel = 0.25;
				FireballParticle.StartAlpha = 1;
				FireballParticle.Size = 0.4;
				FireballParticle.SizeStep = 0.2;
				FireballParticle.Lifetime = FRandom (35,35*4); //Randomize the lifespan of the particle.
				FireballParticle.Pos = Vec3Offset (Offsets.X,Offsets.Y,Offsets.Z); //Spawn relative to the spawner.
				Level.SpawnParticle (FireballParticle);
				Level.SpawnParticle (FireballParticle); //Spawn more particles for better effect.
				Level.SpawnParticle (FireballParticle);
			//Spawn super cool Doomguy particle.
			Else If (Args[0] == TYPE_DOOMGUY)
				FSpawnParticleParams DoomguyParticle;
				DoomguyParticle.Texture = TexMan.CheckForTexture ("PLAYA1");
				DoomguyParticle.Lifetime = INT.MAX; //Doom(guy) is eternal.
				DoomguyParticle.Style = STYLE_Add;
				DoomguyParticle.StartAlpha = 1;
				DoomguyParticle.FadeStep = -1;
				DoomguyParticle.Size = 75;
				DoomguyParticle.SizeStep = 0;
				DoomguyParticle.Color1 = "Blue";
				DoomguyParticle.Flags = SPF_FULLBRIGHT|SPF_REPLACE;
				DoomguyParticle.Pos = Self.Pos; //Spawn relative to the spawner.
				Level.SpawnParticle (DoomguyParticle);
			//If the spawner has no frequency, spawn only one particle and go away. Allows for spawning a single permanent Doomguy hologram for example.
			If (Args[1] <= 0)