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void SetLineActivation (int lineid, int activation);


Sets the line activation flags of the line with the specified id.


  • lineid: The id of the line of which to set the activation flags.
  • activation: The activation flags to set. Multiple flags can be set by using the pipe character | between the constant names:
    • SPAC_None — No flags.
    • SPAC_Cross — Activated when crossed by player.
    • SPAC_Use — Activated when used by player.
    • SPAC_MCross — Activated when crossed by monster.
    • SPAC_Impact — Activated when hit by projectile.
    • SPAC_Push — Activated when bumped by player.
    • SPAC_PCross — Activated crossed by projectile.
    • SPAC_UseThrough — Activated when used by player (with pass through).
    • SPAC_AnyCross — Activated by anything crossing it which does not have the TELEPORT.
    • SPAC_MUse — Activated by monsters using it.
    • SPAC_MPush — Activated by monsters bumping into it.
    • SPAC_UseBack — The line can be used from the back side.


The following line will set the tagged line so it can be activated by bumping into it:

 SetLineActivation(1, SPAC_PUSH);

Note that the above line will also clear all other activation flags, if any, before setting the new flag. If that case is not desired and you just want to add a flag, then you can do the following:

 SetLineActivation(1, GetLineActivation(1) | SPAC_PUSH);

This line will clear all activation flags of the tagged line, if any:

SetLineActivation(1, SPAC_NONE);

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