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int SetActorState(int tid, str statename[, bool exact]);


Forces the actor(s) with the matching tid into the specified state, as defined in Decorate. If tid is 0, the activator is affected.

The final parameter exact specifies whether or not partial state name matches are accepted. If you do not specify it or set it to false, if you try to do something like:

SetActorState (0, "Foo.Bar");

and the actor has a “Foo” state but no “Foo.Bar” state, it will enter the “Foo” state. If you set exact to true:

SetActorState (0, "Foo.Bar", TRUE);

then the actor must have a “Foo.Bar” state, or it will not change state at all, even if it has a “Foo” state.

The return value for this function is the number of actors that successfully changed state.

Note that you should refrain from using this function for any actors that use the monster AI, or unpredictable results could occur.