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54:Sector_ChangeFlags (tag, setflags, clearflags)

Sets or clears certain sector-specific flags.

  • tag: The tag of the sector(s) to affect.
  • setflags: The flags to turn on for the specified sector(s).
  • clearflags: The flags to turn off for the specified sector(s).

Currently supported flags are:

Identifier constant Value UDMF name Description
SECF_SILENT 1 silent Actors do not emit any sound within this sector.
SECF_NOFALLINGDAMAGE 2 nofallingdamage Falling damage is disabled on this sector's floor.
SECF_FLOORDROP 4 dropactors All actors standing on this floor will remain on it when it lowers very fast.
SECF_NORESPAWN 8 norespawn Players cannot respawn in this sector.
SECF_FRICTION 16 N/A Friction is enabled on the sector.
SECF_PUSH 32 N/A Pushers are enabled on the sector.
SECF_SILENTMOVE 64 N/A Sector's movement makes no sound.
SECF_DMGTERRAINFX 128 damageterraineffect A terrain splash is spawned at the end of each damage interval.
SECF_DMGENDGODMODE 256 N/A Getting damaged by the sector ends god mode.
SECF_DMGENDLEVEL 512 N/A Being in the sector ends the level when health goes below 10 points.
SECF_DMGHAZARD 1024 damagehazard Changes the damage model of the sector to Strife's delayed damage.
SECF_NOATTACK 2048 noattack Monsters in this sector do not attack.