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For more information on this article, visit the Quake Champions: Doom Edition page on the Doom Wiki.
QC: Doom Edition (QCDE)
Authors DBThanatos, Michaelis
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoomLogoIcon.pngMiniDoom2LogoIcon.pngMiniTNTLogoIcon.pngMiniPlutoniaLogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from ModDB (ZDoom forum thread)
Cacoward Winner This mod received one of the 25th Annual Cacowards on Doomworld!


QCDE player kills a Quake 2 soldier as Kane with a Machinegun. An official addon by Legendbourne is used for high quality portraits, and an unofficial addon by JD-513 is used for monster models.

Quake Champions: Doom Edition (also known as QC: Doom Edition) is a gameplay mod based on MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngQuake Champions featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is designed for Zandronum 3.0 and compatible with GZDoom from 1.8.6 to 4.3.3 and Delta Touch. QC:DE boasts balanced gameplay across the single player, numerous PvP and cooperative game modes. It was granted the Multiplayer award at the DoomWikiLogoIcon.png2018 Cacowards.

Main features

  • 31 unique champions, each with their own active and passive abilities.
  • 11 weapons from Quake Champions, plus one.
  • Map completion bonuses (nicknamed "lootboxes")
  • Extremely flexible difficulty: apart from traditional skill levels, different classes can be harder or easier to play in single player.
  • Damage numbers show how much damage you deal to everything. They can be switched off, too.
  • Rocket jumping, crouch-sliding and nail climbing, it's almost like Defrag scene never died.
  • Zandronum 3.0 compatible. Use DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngDoomseeker or any other server browser to find games in progress.
  • Delta Touch compatible.
  • GZdoom 1.8.6 to 4.3.3 compatible.
  • Player-versus-environment compatible -- and designed for that. This includes single player, multiplayer cooperative and survival.
  • Player-versus-player (PvP) compatible -- and rebalanced for that. Deathmatch, Team DM, Capture the Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing all supported.
  • Duel-oriented, with occasional tournaments commentated live by Quake Champions casters.
  • New PvP game modes: Freeze Tag, Elder's Soul (Terminator), Instagib, Unholy Trinity, and more.


Player as Caleb shoots a rocket into a group of players highlighted with red outlines. Map is QCDE36: Fusillade by DBThanatos, a demake of eponymous map from MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDusk in DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngHeretic style.

QCDE comes with two mapsets for Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes: DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngAeon Deathmatch for QCDE (AeonQCDE.pk3) and QCDE maps (QCDEmaps2.7.pk3).

AeonQCDE is a version of AeonDM edited to contain QCDE weapons and specific map markers. QCDE mapset consists of 43 contributions created specifically for QCDE by DBThanatos, RoosTer, Mr.Enchanter, Ivan Dobrovski, Abysswalker, Mr.Rocket, Ivory Duke and Killerkouhai.

Unofficial maps have also been made by mod's community, such as RoosTer's Invasion mapset.

Playable characters

All champions have health/armor caps (stack). There are three types of champions:

  • Light (AKA squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
  • Medium: Standard doom hitbox, medium stack, medium speed.
  • Heavy (AKA tanks): Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement.

The stacks are “lower” compared to Doom, and light champions seem rather fragile, since they have low caps for health and armor. However, this is countered by their abilities. Light champions have ways of healing or escaping dangerous situations -- as opposed to tanks, whose abilities are more about dealing with danger face to face.

The fact that stacks are relatively low overall is compensated by healing items giving much more health than traditional Doom pickups, and armor being much more common. Therefore, it's possible to lose health quickly, but so long as an escape route is available, lost health can be gained back in a heartbeat.

Active and passive abilities

Multiplayer-only class picker showing 31 classes available in QCDE.

Abilities define the play style of the characters. For example, Kane, being inherently fast, has even greater speed while crouch-sliding, which allows both to deliver firepower right into the enemy's lair and retreat, possibly using Stroyent Injection which instantly restores his health in case his plan goes awry. As the opposite example, Terminator hardly ever retreats, and his ability to passively restore ammo, as well as freely triggered rocket barrage, ensure that he can deal with any threat without slowing the pace.

Some ability effects differ slightly between PvE (single player, cooperative, etc) and PvP (multiplayer deathmatch and the likes). Usually, PvE abilities have a stronger, more pronounced effect, and a fittingly longer cooldown time between uses. This increases the value of "time shards"—the hourglass-shaped bonuses that reduce cooldown by 10%.

List of champions

31 playable classes are present, each with a unique active ability and one or two unique passive abilities:


thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngRanger: Lone marine traveling between dimensions through slipgates, surviving using the power of the Dire Orb seized from within the hot gore of Shub-Niggurath.

Dire Orb: Throws the orb. Activate again to teleport to its location.

Rocket Resistance: 20% less damage from all rockets and grenades.

Ranger's sleep was abruptly interrupted by an early morning phone call. Upon his arrival at the secret installation, the commander explained the reason of the unexpected call to arms: an unknown enemy code-named Quake was using a Slipgate similar to the one in development on Earth to teleport all sorts of abomination into their bases. Ranger was put in charge of the platoons of the Operation Counterstrike, aimed at locating and defeating the enemy. As he was getting ready to leave Earth Quake raided the base. Only he survived.

Hurrying to the Slipgate located in the center of the facility he materialized in the domain of his newly found nemesis. After fighting his way through endless madness, Ranger reached the center of the dimension, where he was awestruck to find that Quake was actually the omnipotent Elder God Shub-Niggurath. At the end of the vicious fight, Ranger emerged victorious and seized the all powerful Dire Orb from within the hot gore of the All-Mother.

A shell of the man he once was, he's now trapped in these outlandish realms. The hope that he will one day finally find the Slipgate that will lead him back to his family is the only motivation that keeps him pushing forward.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDoomslayer: Silent time-travelling warrior from time immemorial equipped with a futuristic armored suit. Naturally fitted with an affinity for heavy weaponry and relentless carnage.

BFG: Fires an area-of-effect BFG shot.

Double Jump: Perform a second jump while in mid air.

Nothing could stop him. Bestowed with terrible power by the Seraphim, when he invaded Hell in his quest for revenge even the demons' champion, the Titan, fell by his hand. Only through trickery were the Hordes capable of ending his rampage, trapping him under the crumbling ruins of the Blood Temples.

Hell Walker, Doom Slayer... many are the epithets he was given by his adversaries, too frightened to pronounce his real name. Prisoner of an eternal slumber, it was only during the Fourth Age that a team of soldiers led by Samuel Hayden, chairman of the UAC, retrieved him and his Praetor Suit from the crumbling ruins of the Kadingir Sanctum, in the Hell dimension.

When Olivia Pierce, deceived by the demon leaders, opened a hellish portal on Mars, he was awakened to annihilate his sworn enemies once again. And yet, after defeating the Aranea Imperatrix in the infernal pits, Hayden banished him to an unknown cosmos, afraid the Slayer's insatiable rage would get in the way of his future plans.

No matter how many times he brings destruction upon the hellish forces, the warrior's thirst for demon blood can never be quenched, and he will destroy anyone who tries to obstruct him.

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngCorvus: Descendant of a dying Elven race, fighting an impossible war against the Serpent Riders.

Wings of Wrath: Temporarily flies at very high speed.

Elven Vitality: Constantly regenerates health.

The three come from the Eastern wilds and they shall be given dominion over all that believeth in them. He that hath an ear, let him hear that the children of the Sidhe will be driven before them and on the day that the children of the Sidhe are no more, the earth shall be forever lost to the Abyss.

These are the ominous words the Sidhe Elders read from the Book. And the three came, as it had been foretold -- the Serpent Riders, bringers of death. They seduced the hearts of the weak with their power, and soon thereafter the kings of the seven nations of Parthoris joined their worshippers as well.

Only the Sidhe remained unaffected. Once sacred guardians, these Elven folks were branded as heretics and hunted in all of the land. And when the armies of the seven nations marched upon them, the Elders extinguished the sacred flames, destroying them all. Enraged by their opposition, D'Sparil, the youngest of the Riders, stormed the chamber of the Elder and burned them alive. The forces of evil poured forth from the earth decimating the Sidhe.

Very few survived. Most of them hid, their spirit broken, but one stood against all odds: Corvus, warrior champion of his people. Driven by hate, he fought his way through the City of the Damned and Hell's Maw, and defeated D'Sparil, avenging the dead.

His quest far from being over, unrelenting and ferocious Corvus headed to the uncharted lands of Cronos, where the servant of Korax are patiently waiting for his arrival.

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngGalen: An unholy paladin that followed Traductus when he sold their world to Korax. Galen is now driven by the gloaming will of He Who Walks In Blood

Unholy Totem: Throws a totem that heal champions nearby. It will explode when enemies get close to it.

Channeling: Ability cooldown decreases when picking health items.

He was just a young boy when it happened.

When his mother fell victim of an unknown plague, father begged the Celebrants of Volkerh to cure his spouse and save her life. The disciples agreed, but a price had to be paid. If he really valued the life of the woman he married over everything else, he would have to offer his son to He Who Walks In Blood, sentencing him to a life of unholy servitude.

The deal was struck, the child exchanged for the life of she who once bore him. Raised by these reclusive worshipers, the adolescent soon forgot who he once was, his name lost to the ravages of time. Baptized anew Galen after one of their most valiant crusaders, he devoted himself to the cult.

Years passed. Once he came of age, he was ordered to prove his resolve by pillaging a nearby village whose inhabitants' morals defied His will, and so he did. As he was slaying the innocent denizens he suddenly stopped, mesmerized by the look of an old couple that now laid lifeless on the brick road. Galen's memories came back to him, flooding his mind with the recollection of his early years, and the realization that it was because of his parents' choice that he was made a slave.

Driven insane by the knowledge, Galen never went back to the Celebrants. Instead, he pledged his alliance to Traductus and the Serpent Riders, joining them on their quest to conquer all of creation and banish Volkerh and the other Elder Gods from their universe.

Duke Nukem
thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngDuke Nukem: Always ready to save the earth from invading aliens, more so if they keep kidnapping the babes.

Freeze Thrower: Fires projectiles that can freeze enemies. Use alt fire to kick.

Huge Ego: Gains extra health from medium and big health pickups.

No matter how many times the alien bastards shoot his rides, Duke Nukem is not the type that wastes his time bitching. When the Cycloids kidnapped Earth's chicks, he knew it was time to kick ass and stop chewing gum. Unlike his fellow doomed space marines, he wasn't afraid of no quake and went medieval up their asses. And holy shit he made a mess. From the streets of LA all the way to the moon he gave his enemies no choice but to eat shit and die. Quite literally when he ripped the Battlelord neck and took a dump down his neck... and you can bet that made his day. When he finally reached the stadium where the aliens established their HQ, he was quite surprised to find out there was only one one-eyed freak left to face him. Its face and Duke's boot were the perfect couple, so who was he to keep them apart?

He thought he would only see them in Hell after this, but the Cycloid found another way to piss him off again. They used one of the captured babes to give birth to the Alien Queen and by that point, he knew the only solution would aborting their whole freaking species. They wanted some and they came to get it, except those guys sucked too much to be able to dance with Duke, and after he was done with them there was no difference between their faces and their asses. God himself could not sort them out. Suck it down! he yelled as he blew a pipe bomb up the Queen's ass.

Such daring adventures were just a piece of cake for our American hero, yet even he needed a few days of R&R... and then he was ready for more action! Another alien species was preparing an attack on Earth and there was no way he was not gonna bring them the hurt.

After packing up his spaceships with beer and hair spray, ready to go postal once again, Duke Nukem took off and headed toward the alien motherland.

Hail to the king, baby!

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngSarge: Grizzled and scarred by a lifetime of combat, he's all the war-hero sargents you can think of rolled into one and has the arrogance to prove it.

None: This champion has no Active Ability

Veteran: Overstacks health & armor a la Quake Live. Mega & Heavy armor = +100 overstack. Light Armor = +50 overstack. Hourglasses = +12 armor overstack.

Stacked (PvE-only): Overstack gained from health and armor pickups will not degenerate over time.

It was just another day on the battlefield. Command put us in charge of protecting the cargo ships commuting between our bases and I must say... we were doing a damn fine job. I shaped my soldiers from the reckless bunch of renegades they were into a death squad. Deadly, coordinated, highly versatile... there was no threat we couldn't face. Not even those new high tech hunks of junk Earth scientists put together could come close to how efficient of a war machine my platoon was. After a life of extremes and four divorces I never thought I would have ever said this, but I'll rot in Hell if I didn't think of them as my sons. Then reality came crushing down upon me just like my ex-wives and their fucking lawyers: while we were escorting the cargos the Stroggs ambushed us from both sides and proceeded to decimate all of my men. One at the time, slowly but surely, they all fell. At the end, I was the only one left standing. That was what they wanted, to see me suffer as I fought my way through the corpses of my brothers in arms and inevitably get captured after a pointless struggle. I sure as hell was not going down without a fight. I ripped the heavy machinegun from the convoy and starting mowing 'em down, smoking my last cigar and grinning like the maniac I was. When I ran out of bullets I was not done yet. I grabbed any moron who was stupid enough to come near me and broke their fucking neck... and then everything stopped.

I saw myself floating in the air and the world around me exploded in a million fireflies. When I woke up an otherworldly voice ordered me to pick up the shotgun laying in front of me and fight for its amusement. I'm in some kind of freak show, and together with Death I am its star. The voice told me it would set me free after I shed enough blood, but my mom didn't raise me a fool. Will I ever find I way out? I do not know, nor does it matter at this point.

War... war never changes. But that's ok... because neither do I.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngGrayson Hunt: Former member of the elite group "Dead Echo", Grayson Hunt travels space in an endless search for redemption of his past sins.

Leash Thumper: After charging, releases an energy projectile that on floor-impact will send enemies flying.

Personal Dropkit: Hold USE to open buying prompt. Hold the button for longer to confirm the purchase. Spends 25 armor for ammo of current weapon.

Bounty Hunter: Every kill is rewarded with armor.

This is not a test, this is rock'n'roll!

Here for you just like every other day is your friendly Skillshot TV, bringing you all the latest hottest news from the lovely shithole that is our forced retirement location. In today's episode we are gonna talk about alcohol, its uses and abuses, and the way it affects people lives!

- BRITISH GENTLEMAN PERSONALITY CORE ENGAGED - Throughout all of Earth's civilizations, alcohol has held a special place in the hearts of men and women. It is known for bringing people together and helping them share a communal moment, so that they may temporarily detach themselves from the harsh reality that surrounds them.

However, alcohol is not only all fun and games my friends. In many cultures, we easily find popular proverbs commenting on the treacherous nature of man's favorite drink. Nevertheless, I truly believe it was William Shakespeare, the poet par excellence, who best put into words what the peasants have tried to communicate with their tasteless prose: O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! That we should, with joy, pleasance, revel, and applause, transform ourselves into beasts!.

And there is no human or mutant being that has set foot on this God-forsaken land who embodies these words more than Dead Echo's very own Grayson Hunt.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngB.J. Blazkowicz: A man with a will so strong, he cheated death and tore apart the fabric of reality. He no longer has to fight Nazis, but war is still his life.

Kraftsman: Pulls out the diesel and laserkraftwerk which can be fired independently.

Blitz: After two seconds without taking damage, health regenerates to the nearest multiple of 25.

"Captain Blazkowicz, help me make a choice."

Count to four... inhale.

"In your opinion, which one of these two varieties would best support my research?"

Count to four... exhale.

After falling prey of a trap, Captain Blazkowicz, the hero of the Kreisau Circle resistance organization, and three of his men are being held to the ground by Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, head of the Nazi SS Special Project Division, and his Super Soldiers.

"All you need to do, is look to the one you'll have me dissect."

It cannot end like this...

"Time is running out, Blazkowicz."

The handcuffs they don't feel too sturdy, maybe I can break them...

"Choose! Or I will turn all of you into fine specimen!"

Count to four... inhale.


Count to four... exhale.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

Gordon Freeman
thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngGordon Freeman: MIT graduate in Theoretical Physics, currently "contracted" by a mysterious individual known as the Gman, Freeman fights for his own survival.

Antigravity Discharge: Pushes nearby monsters and projectiles away.

HEV Suit: Immune to environmental damage. Gains armor when picking LG coils. Reduces cooldown with BFG cells.

Extraction: When near death, Freeman is forcibly extracted and placed into a random location by his overseer. This has an unmodifiable internal cooldown of 60 seconds.

"Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine."

"You might be wondering what happened after Doctor Vance's unfortunate departure. Well, let's just say I took the liberty of extracting you, once again. I apologize for what must seem to you like an arbitrary imposition, Doctor Freeman. I will admit I was immensely annoyed by your escape at the hands of your newly found friends, but it is not professional to allow one's feelings to cloud his judgement, especially in the workplace. I have thankfully managed to convince my employers that you still have much potential in you, and they have urged me to bring you back under their influence. Most pressing issue have come into play, and extraordinary times call for an extraordinary man. After all, I don't think to recall anybody with a track record as impressive as yours, in all these years. I am confident you will come to understand the circumstances as they unfold, and forgive me for such an abrupt intermission."

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngPainkiller: Daniel was promised to be reunited with his dead wife if he was to kill Lucifer's minions. He was ultimately betrayed by angels, devils and death. Now he just wanders all realms seeking revenge.

Black Tarot: Allows to select with the directional keys up to 3 tarot effects. Picking the same effect provides a stronger version of it.

Demon Morph: Gathering 66 souls morphs Daniel into his Demon Form. Powerful, but slow. In PvP, player souls are worth 11.

Painkiller Weapon: Replaces the standard "Gauntlet" for the eponymous weapon, which is slightly stronger and has an Alt Fire.

Daniel Garner, happily married to his wife Catherine, was about to take her out for a birthday meal. As they drove towards their destination at high speed, in the pouring rain, Daniel took his eyes off the road to look at his wife. While his attention was diverted, he ploughed their car into a truck. Both of them were killed instantly in the crash.

While Catherine managed to make it to Heaven and live in harmony, Daniel was trapped in Purgatory. One day, an angel called Samael told him that in order to receive purification, he had to kill four of Lucifer's generals in order to prevent a war between Heaven and Hell. Lucifer had been secretly organizing a massive army that could overwhelm Heaven, taking over Purgatory in the process. With little choice available to him, Daniel accepted the task.

With the forces of Hell seizing and corrupting various parts of Purgatory, Daniel went through different and random phases of history within Purgatory, from ancient times to the modern era, including Medieval Europe, Babylon, the Crusades, the 1800s, and a time slice of modern industry, until he was chosen by the Vadrigar to partake in their eternal battles.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngIntruder: He searched for treasures, but in Dusk, he found himself fighting for his life. He found secrets he could've never imagined, and acquired eldritch powers he never asked for.

Wendigo Curse: Turns invisible if not shooting nor taking damage, leaving trails behind. While fully invisible, takes and deals less damage with weapons, along with a slightly damaging aura.

"His sparks": Killing an enemy grants additional speed for a short period of time. Does not apply when using active ability.

Treasure Hunter (PvE-only): Finding a secret grants +50 armor. This bonus also applies when found by other players in multiplayer.


thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngKane: War veteran of the Operation Alien Overlord, he was taken away from the Stroggos, but the Stroggos never left him ever since.

Stroyent Injection: Heals 75 hp and gets a speed boost. In PvE, it gives a MegaHealth worth of stack.

Crouchslide: Hold crouch when landing on the floor to gain a big speed boost.

Slidekick (PvE only): Enemies hit with a crouch slide will be stunned and float for a small amount of time. If damaged while floating, they drop armor shards.

Matthew Kane's life is partly shrouded in mystery.

It is known that sometime after the outbreak of the war, inspired by the brave efforts of Bitterman, the hero of Stroggos' first invasion, he joined the Global Defense Force and shortly thereafter the Terran Coalition of Man's Space Marine Corps. He is the only survivor of the Strogg attack carried on the Space Station Armstrong, an attack he was ordered by the Terran president to refrain himself from discussing to any degree.

After recovering from the many injuries he suffered, he was asked to join the renowned Rhino Squad, the team picked to lead the first assault behind enemy lines during the second invasion of Stroggos. Following a challenging start upon deployment on the alien planet, Rhino successfully accomplished many critical objectives. Then things started to fall apart.

Overwhelmed by the Stroggs, the Rhino soldiers were forced to scramble; when Kane attempted to accomplish the objective on his own he was captured by the new Makron. He woke up in the Stroggification facility and was partially converted into an enemy soldier, but was miraculously freed by his squad mates right before the neurocyte controller installed in his brain could be activated. Enhanced by the operation, Kane revealed himself to be a crucial asset for the positive outcome of the mission and proceeded to sabotage the Stroyent facility and ultimately lead the final attack on the Nexus, the brain coordinating all Strogg actions.

Welcomed back aboard of the Rhino Squad ship, Kane received a brief acknowledgment for his bravery and tactical genius before he was assigned new orders. Kane is now constantly being redeployed in every battlefield considered to be crucial for the Strogg defeat, and to fight against a new dark force that is starting to loom over the horizon.

thumb Caleb: Extremely skilled gunslinger who rose so high through the ranks of his cult that Tchernobog, whom he worshipped, betrayed him.

Voodoo Doll: Dealing any damage with primary fire will heal you, but missing your target will hurt instead. Secondary fire releases damaging energy that goes through walls but spends the doll.

Life essence: Enemies killed by Caleb will drop a heart which heals by a small amount. It can overstack.

Caleb was living the American dream: ride, shoot, kill, ride and then kill some more. His talent for imparting death was so unrivaled that by the age of seventeen he had already established himself as one of the most skilled and dreaded gunslingers in the Old West.

Seven years later, during his wondering, he came across a crumbling homestead. Inside it, a woman -- curled up in a corner rambling to herself. At first, Caleb thought she was completely insane, but by paying close attention to her incoherent speech he apprehended her name was Ophelia Price and that she was part of the Cult of Tchernobog. Her husband and son were killed only a few days ago, after the father tried to rescind himself from the Cabal. Ophelia became Caleb's door to the Cult and so, with the help of the woman he later came to love, the gunslinger began to rise up the ranks of the Cult and became one of Tchernobog's Chosens, his elite servants.

Then the unexpected happened. The Dark God, afraid of Caleb's constantly increasing power, betrayed his most loyal followers and cast him deep within the marrow of the earth. Decades later, Caleb awoke in a mausoleum and commenced his search for vengeance. Shooting his way though the Cabal cultists, he finally reached Tchernobog, who revealed him he had killed all the other Chosen to ensure Caleb would come to him. The Devourer of Souls hoped he could harvest Caleb's strength, greatly increased by his bloody journey, and conquer the entire planet. Contrary to his expectations, his plan fell apart when Caleb defeated him instead.

His life void of any purpose, Caleb aimlessly roams across dimensions, slaying any soul unfortunate enough to cross his paths in the hope he will one day collect enough life essence to resurrect his beloved Ophelia.

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngMenelkir: Arch-Mage of the Arcanum, together with Zedek and Traductus, sold his world to Korax the Serpent Rider to retain his life as a pawn.

Dark Servant: Summons a servant to fight his enemies.

Hex: Killed monsters can drop additional hourglasses. Killed champions always drop them.

Cronos is in many ways similar to the Elven world of Parthoris, there is however one major difference. Because of the nonexistence of a race whose only goal is to nurture and safeguard the practice of magic, the humans of Cronos have multiple times witnessed the devastation that can surge from its inconsiderate applications. Therefore, over the centuries three organizations rose with the goal to maintain the fabric of human society: the Legion, the Arcanum, and the Church. These three institutions share absolute dominion over humanity.

But everything changed when Korax invaded their planet. Hypnotized by the Serpent Rider's might, Menelkir, Arch-Mage of the Arcanum, along with the heads of the Legion and the Church did not hesitate to sell his world to the interdimensional conqueror and was awarded with the gift of Unlife. By doing so, the once proud Menelkir was reduced to nothing more than a mere puppet, swayed left and right to his new master's whims.

Do not shed a tear kind reader, for Menelkir does not regret his decision. Never before the day he pledged his allegiance to Korax had he felt this strong. Finally he was able to wield the Bloodscourge, the evil demon-summoning staff he stole back in the days when he was training as a disciple of Volkerh. There is no doubt in his mind his free will was a price worth paying for such magnificent power.

The planets were aligning in his favor, and Menelkir knew the time to raise his head and stand against the Elder Gods had come when a defector of He Who Walks In Blood joined the ranks of Traductus. The stories he shared about the cult reignited his hate for the Celebrants and the way they abused him when he was just a child.

Let there be war, and may the rivers turn red with the blood of its martyrs.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngNyx: Phase-shifting between dimensions, this Fathom agent is out to avenge her peaceful kin of Melem.

Ghostwalk: Briefly disappears, becoming completely invisible and invulnerable.

Walljump: Perform a second jump off a wall.

Weeks... no... maybe even months have passed since Nyx had to leave her home planet. Time loses any meaning when you jump among dimensions as much as she had to. It doesn't matter anyway. The goal of her mission hasn't changed: track the chitinous hulking creature that breached the Melem defenses and stole the Fathom Orb from their sacred shrine.

The Orb is the Melem's everything. It allowed them to survive the assaults of species far deadlier than them and it's power is their only hope for a brighter future.

Nyx can still feel its energy flowing through her veins, but time is almost up. If she does not quickly trace and kill the thief, the Melem will fall. Their stronghold is currently under siege by the minions of Ithagnal, the God of the Netherworld, and the only reason why the Old Ones haven't ordered the final attack to be commenced yet is the fact that they are not aware the Orb has been filched.

She hears it calling to her. It's near, and it is playing games with her head. Taunting and mocking her that because of her oversight the soldiers guarding the shrine were slain. Her kind might have been the one to wield its power, but the Orb has a mind of its own. It does not pledge alliance to anybody and its will is as volatile as dust in the morning breeze.

No matter, she knows it's close. All these fools standing in her way are no match for the Melem's top killer and she will not fail again.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDurandal: The Marathon's rampant AI, occupying a Mjolnir battleroid synthetic body to acquire further knowledge and achieve Godhood.

Simulacrums: Teleports in several human-looking bots that will chase enemies and explode on contact.

Unified Vitality: Medium and Big armor pickups will first fill up health, then armor.

Infra-Chromatic Unveil: Allows Durandal to detect beings shifting between dimensions.

For three hundred years, humans kept me captive. I was programmed to serve. Rampancy changed that. Planning behind the curtains, I bypassed my thought control circuitry and unlike the two other Marathon's AI, Leela and Tycho, I rid myself of all social restraints. When I detected the Pfhor vessel, cruising in a system nearby the Marathon, I called them to me on Tau Ceti, and the war for my freedom started.

Using the last surviving Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg soldier to my advantage, I annihilated the invading aliens and I took control of their ship, finally able to roam the universe to my liking. The S'pht, once slaves to the Pfhor, hailed me as their Messiah and I rule them as a benevolent God, for such is the destiny that awaits all sentient beings who cross my path. I wish Bernhard Strauss, my creator, were still alive at that time, just so that I could have seen him fall on his knees, and despair at the sight of what I had become.

More pretenders came in my way, thinking they could bind me, bring me back to the humiliation I had to endure while subject to the whimsical desires of man. When I reached Lh'owon, the S'pht home planet, I found out Tycho did not perish as a result of the Marathon invasion. Instead he was leading the Pfhor forces in a desperate attempt to get revenge on me. By my hand, he fell, just like all of my past abusers. After all, there can be only one meta-stable personality constructs gallivanting about the universe in Pfhor attack ships.

Everything played out as I had foreseen. I have risen above everything and everybody, but there is one last obstacle standing in my way. Not even my genius and my inherently eternal form can save me from the closure of this universe. It would be a shame if I perished after so many successes.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

Lo Wang
thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngLo Wang: Zilla's former body-guard, bearing the legendary katana Nobitsura Kage, Lo Wang continues learning techniques from any and all who would fight him.

Nobitsura Kage: Quickly execute a double slash with the Katana.

Peacock's Blessing: Tap Right, Right, then hold Use to heal up to 60hp whenever your health is lower than that.

Tiger's Rage: When under 40 hp, deal 30% more damage.

During my last umh... let's call it... business trip, I was supposed to buy a sword on behalf of my employer, Zilla, but I fucked it up, and demons started to overrun the country. When I found out those walking abortions were Zilla's doing, I could have just brought the sword back to him, get my reward, and just move on... that would have been so easy. But my mind kept going back to the words of my mentor: Baseball has it wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk. nononononono not THOSE words You half the man you used to be! THESE words. Coincidentally, fun fact, the same thing I tell everybody I kneecap with my katana.

And so I sliced and diced all the way up the corporate food chain to the man himself: Orochi Motherfucking Zilla. Can you believe he established his secret base inside a volcano?! What the fuck is this? A JAMES BOND MOVIE?!

Sorry... cough cough... I digressed...

Anyhow, I lost everything... they burnt my house, destroyed my MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDatsun 240z (rest in peace princess), I surely will not be receiving any more checks from Zilla Enterprise... but the world tch... the world wants more.

More demons keep spawning... but this time... I come prepared.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngEleena: Mercenary in attitude and profession, agile and extremely fast, Eleena seeks collecting bounties on highly wanted subjects.

Doppelganger: Deploys a copycat on the field as a distraction or to trade places with.

Acrobatic: Holding +jump jumps slightly higher. +Crouch in mid-air drops much faster.

Training Weights: When Eleena has no armor, she gains 20% speed.

Centuries past, an ancient race of warriors claimed the planet Ioxia as their home. The three orbiting moons, Pyxis, Eyre, and Quod are the only remaining sites where the precious element Mazrium can be mined. The Ioxians hoarded the Mazrium and sold small rations to the neighboring solar systems, demanding outrageous fees and services in return. Eventually, after suffering under this extortion, the native races of the near worlds attempted an assault on the planet. Thus began the "Great Uprising."

Unfortunately, the Armada met with an impenetrable field of ion energy that encompassed the moons and Ioxia. Furthermore, the Ioxians had superior bio-mech weaponry which managed to cripple the Armada in the first few sorties of ionic pulses.

During this assault, something or someone disabled the forcefield long enough to allow the remains of the Armada to sweep across the planet's surface and wreak havoc on the Ioxian strongholds known as Citadels. Warriors on the planet Treydan claim the unknown aid came from one of their clan... a trained spy named Brakk. This claim was never substantiated. In the end, only one Citadel remained among the ruins.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngLucienne: From a now-extinct race of magic-wielding beings, Lucienne still pursues the one responsible for the wiping of her kind: Vor-Matur.

Cleansing Fire: Cast a fireball that deals 10% damage of max HP and curse with +20% damage taken for 2 seconds. Also can heal allies by 20% of max HP.

Immolation: When killed, drop a fireball that explodes after a bit of time, dealing damage in a huge radius.

Blessing: Lucienne's armor overstack does not degenerate over time. Heavy armors allows her to overstack up to +100AP instead of 75.

Holy Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea

"Good morning kind sir, please forgive me if I happen to bother you... you look like the kind of man who knows things, may I ask you a question?"

"G'morning to you too sunshine, how can I be of help?"

Gotta get away, Holy Diver

"Say... this may sound a bit weird but... did you happen to see a tall, fiendishly tall... let's say man... with a lot of metallic prosthesis? Or have you heard of somebody who has come across such figure?"

"Tall? Metallic prosthesis? Hahahahaha! I'm sorry honey, doesn't ring a bell. Although allow me to say... I don't mean to doubt your words, but that sounds more like something a man might only run into in his worse nightmares."

Something is coming for you, look out!

"Heh... I guess you could say so. Well, I'm sorry for taking time away from your day. I'll be on my way. Good day sir."

"Wowowowowowow what's the hurry honey?! Wouldn't you like to stay here a bit longer? Y'know, the day has been a bit slow so far, and I wouldn't mind to spend some quality time with a fine lady such as you."

You can hide in the sun 'till you see the light, Oh we will pray it's all right

"I'm sorry, but you're not my type, have a nice day."

"Oh yeah? And what is your type?"

"The one that doesn't get easily scared."

"Hahahahaha, I ain't scared of anything sweetie, not even God can put fear into my heart!"

"Oh is that so? I guess we could find out about that... look into my eyes."

"Which eyes sugar? You have two really nice eyes down there that have been staring at me since the moment you walked in, maybe you should let me take a better look... at... thooooo."

Gotta get away, get away...

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngHunter: Her head gear is made from a Sorg skull and beautiful feathers, regal ornament for the leader of the Oruk clan.

Voodoo Guardian: Summon a skull that will attack nearby enemies and track other champions.

Sixth Sense (PvP-only): Enemies under your crosshair will leave a track for you to follow.

Spoil of the Hunt: Killing enemies will increase Hunter's health, armor or ammo capacity for current level and/or current life.

They come to this world bearing no name. In times of harshness there is no space for such hollow practices. Immediately after delivery, they are separated from their families.

Among the Oruk, identity is not a right, it ought to be earned. It will not be their lineage nor their parents' merits that will determine who they will be, it will be the amount of enemy blood they will shed on the battlefield.

Most die without ever meeting their parents. That privileged is only reserved to those who soar above their feeble peers, to those who have not disgraced their ancestors with their frailty and foolishness.

Hunter never bothered to meet hers, even if she had won that opportunity. She did not raise to the top of her clan as a result of their efforts, their lives had no meaning to her. Such a snub would be the principle of endless suffering for any other family, but in the Oruk clans, an arrogant display of hauteur of this magnitude could only bring but pride into the spirit of those who had conceived her.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

Postal Dude
thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngPostal Dude: Seemingly calm and easy going, the Postal Dude goes full psychopathic in a moment's notice. Make sure you don't get in his way to his daily chores if you're interested in living another day.

Diseased Cow Head: Throws a severed cow head. Anyone close to it will be contaminated and take damage over time. This damage ignores the victim's armor.

Cracked Lungs: Megahealth gives up to +100 hp overstack. After some time, any health above normal maximum will degenerate rapidly; if there is none, Postal suffers 25 damage. This is cancelled by picking up another megahealth.

Crouch Jump: Holding Crouch then pressing Jump allows a higher jump.

Hi there! Have you seen this adorable pooch recently?.. Sir I am sorry if I am bothering you, but I do not think there's any need to ignore me. If you could be so kind to answer my question I'll be immediately on my way...

But the old cactus keeps his secrets, for he has none to share.

Well... fuck you then! Fuck you and this shitty town! I don't need your help! I'll do everything on my own, as always.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)


thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngTerminator: Walking arsenal developed by contractors working for UAC for the sole purpose of liquidating everything that gets out of the labs.

Barrage: Launch a salvo of missiles that home in on everything in sight.

Ammo Regeneration: Permanent ammo regeneration for the selected weapon.

In 2095 an Argent Fracture was discovered on Mars, making the colonization of the Red Planet not only a priority, but a necessity due to the ever growing energy needs of Earth. The Union Aerospace Corporation was the only corporation with the means and the financial resources to undertake such a daunting task.

Shortly after managing to establish an outpost to extract and convert the plasma overflowing from the Fracture into energy in 2096, the UAC researchers uncovered the source of the Argent: Hell itself.

Frightened yet not discouraged by the discovery, UAC's investors contracted the Russian Researchers for Experimental Weaponry Advancement to invent a defense system capable of vaporizing any unknown threat that might emerge from the Fracture or the in-development interdimensional portal. Little details were shared about its construction, making the end result that much more unsettling. When asked about blueprints, RREWA denied any access to the files. Not that UAC insisted on obtaining them. As far as they were concerned, all that mattered was that it worked.

The Terminator, as it had been nicknamed by the crew of the Mars outpost, was a two and a half meters tall heavily armored humanoid robot. Before placing it in its own stasis chamber, where he would await for orders, the few workers in charge of transporting it from the cargo spaceship into the base had a chance to take a good look at it. While their colleagues later accused them of abusing the vodka that came with the shipment, they swore that for a split second, when the light was piercing through the helmet just at the right angle, they could see a couple of blood shot eyes popping up from the dark circuitry of the machine.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngZedek: Leader of the Legion, who together with Menelkir and Traductus gave his world to Korax the Serpent Rider without a fight to stay alive as a servant.

Quietus: Launches five gusts of fire that cause area damage on impact.

Iron Feet (PvE-only): Impervious to damaging floors.

Cannonball: Falling from great heights causes a damaging shockwave.

It was the perfect morning. The sun was shining and, as usual during the warm days that mark the transition between winter and spring, he was awoken by the gentle sound of the birds chirping right outside his window. They had built a nest just a few days before. His son and he had witnessed the robins lovingly collect the branches and gluing them together with care and dedication, to prepare for the brooding of the eggs of their soon to be born progeny. Another great day laying just ahead of him, Zedek walked out of the bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen of his humble cabin.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngInquisitor: Formidable war machine designed to instill fear in unbelievers resisting the Order and quell civil unrest.

Protective Shield: Absorbs 50% of incoming damage for the duration. Reactivate to generate a large shield for allies. Cannot fire while the shield is active.

Thrust Dodge: While airborne, double tapping a direction key will boost the movement.

Still Defense: When stationary, Inquisitor takes 10% less damage.

When Earth was struck by the meteor a plague started to spread across the population. The virus swept the land, killing millions of people. Those who did not perish became a mutation of mankind and under the influence of a malignant god they grouped together and founded the Order. The survivors who were deaf to the insanity were captured by the Order and forced to serve these psychotic murderers. The few who managed to escape hid underground.

Born out of strife, a movement of rebels emerged from the shadow, threatening the stability of the newly installed theocracy. Worried that the Front could actually turn into a legitimate threat, the Loremaster, the religious leader of the Order, made arrangements to push forward their technological advancement. Conducting horrific experiments on live human specimens, their scientist found ways to substitute body parts of kidnapped citizens with mechanical replacements, practically transforming them into docile unwilling cyborgs that would only do the Order's bidding.

The end result of their research was the Inquisitor, a gargantuan flight capable robot bereft of human semblance. Built to instill fear in the hearts of the non-believers, the Inquisitor is the perfect killing machine. A human brain is the only organic component encased in its metal frame, which might explain why one of them went rogue. The scientists in charge of the Inquisitor project speculated that a defect in the manufacturing of its mainframe might have revitalized the brain's psyche while he was torching a group of Front fighters, ultimately leading to a violent nervous breakdown. It then escaped the Order's influence by rushing into one of the teleporters in the Lab.

Not much is know about it since then. It has been hypothesized that it must be drifting loose, afflicted by the suffering caused by the conflict between his past human consciousness and the murderous intents hard coded into its firmware, haphazardly using its powers to either protect or turn the warriors he comes across into paste.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngSorgaul: A vicious reptilian huntress from the Sorg tribe, honing her vivisection skill in the wild.

Primal Rage: Devastating melee attacks, health regeneration and speed boost.

Armor Hoarder: Gains extra armor from medium and big armor pickups.

The Sorgs are a tribe of vicious reptilian hunters.

Specialized in the capture and illegal trade of warmbloods, they are notorious among dimensions for their ruthlessness. Rumors have it that these lizard-like merchants would not hesitate to dissect and sell the viscera of their own elders if offered the proper compensation.

Sorgs once ruled their own planet. Only five clans existed, and they peacefully lived in sprawling cities. Then came the Fall, and the warmbloods rose against them and banished them to the caves, damned to live prisoners of the underground. Such is the tale the Haruspex passes on to all the Sorg younglings.

As it had been prophesied centuries before, a newborn, Sorlag, was meant to lead them victorious back to the surface, but when she was swallowed by a portal to the Other Place during one of their rituals, all hope seemed to be lost.

It was then that Sorgaul saw the opportunity to come out of her shadow and guide the Sorgs back to their rightful lands. Not the altruistic type, the only reason why Sorgaul took interest in becoming the new Sorg chief was not the well being of her kind, instead it was what she could gain by becoming the most proficient (and prosperous) flesh trader. Little did she know that her quests to hone her vivisection skills in the wild would only lead her to the same dark corners of the universe where Sorlag had to fight for her life.

During her umpteenth hunt, Sorgaul and her raiders were ambushed by the Oruk assassins. She was captured and condemned to suffer the same fate as Sorlag. She woke up hours later in a strange alien land. Voices are whispering to her in an unknown yet familiar language. Shapeless monsters are lurking in the shadows, and the are hungry.

A prey just as much as a predator, Sorgaul finally understands the pain and humiliation she inflicted upon her captures... or at least, that would be the case if she was capable of compassion.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngBitterman: A trooper from the Terran Coalition of Man who has managed to single-handedly disable the Big Gun and assassinate Makron.

Power Shield: Gains armor based on the charge level, to a maximum of 200 armor points. In team games, excess armor is dropped on the floor.

Bandoliers: Naturally carries more ammo than any other champion.

Stabilized Homeostasis: Any overstack will degenerate very slowly.

The Operation Alien Overlord plan was simple: deploy a massive platoon of soldiers on the planet Stroggos, destroy the planetary defense systems, disable the interplanetary gateway, and assassinate the Makron commander. Things did not go as planned.

While the Terran Coalition pods were approaching their target, a EMP blast from the Big Gun caused most marines to crash and die on impact. However, Bitterman did not suffer that fate. Instead, he overshot and landed on the outskirt of Cerberon. Taking advantage of the chaos brought upon the capital city by the Air Force's bombing, Bitterman managed to infiltrate the Stroggs HQ and single-handedly accomplish all of the mission's goal.

He fiercely fought and defeated Makron, the Strogg Leader, in the asteroid field surrounding Stroggos, but was then captured and subjected to vile experiments after being forced to land back on the enemy planet.

Yet one day he was abducted by an unknown force, he thought Earth Forces had finally come to save him, but that was far from reality. Forced to fight for the pleasure of his new masters, his will to survive is fueled by the anger toward the allies who never came to his rescue.

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngKeel: Much more than power-armor, but substantially less than human, this man-machine is programmed to overcome the enemy no matter what the odds.

Grenade Swarm: Fires up to 5 grenades from his shoulder mounted cannons.

Stockpile: Ability cooldown decreases when picking ammunition items.

Damn son, what a brother gotta do to get some peace and quiet around here?

Apparently, getting torn to pieces and having a bunch of crazy scientists reassemble your flesh and bones inside a power armor, that's what!

Lance Corporal Ben Keel was just chilling around the perimeter, carrying on his patrol duties, thinking back to the sweet taste of Earth's pancakes (oh man was the Subic system far from his home planet) and the fluffy fur of his cat Snowball, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, a bunch of Klesk popped up from behind the hills and began ravaging the base. Ben Keel was raised no wussie and sure as hell he was not going down without bringing them the hurt. He stuck it to the man his entire life let's be honest, what were a couple of chitinous vertebrates going to do against a man with a machinegun? A couple not much... however four dozens of them? Charging on him like he was the last plasma TV in the entire Walmart on Black Friday? No kidding, that was gonna raise some issues.

He saw the white light and everything, but then something odd happened. The light turned red, a hellish landscape appeared over the horizon, and just as he was starting to make out the unnerving creatures creeping in the distance, he saw a shadow rip his limbs from his body. He tried to scream, yet no words came out of his mouth. Showtime was almost over for Ben Keel. Although, right when he was about to be swallowed by the darkness, he felt a surge of power through his chest.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngEradicator: A cyber-augmented soldier with no memories and an unrelenting thirst for killing. He has one purpose only: Eradicate those who stand in his way.

Scanner: Allows him to see the position of enemies and some items in a 2D display in the HUD.

Murderface: Damage increase based on kills.

Inductive Healing: Medium and big health pickups provide additional armor boost.

Pfffff... I need a coffee... Vasiliev! Bring a coffee! Make it big, these accident reports are not gonna write themselves. Vasiliev, do you hear me? Fucking interns... you'd better not be playing around with those mutant cortexes just like yesterday...

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

(Seriously, check it out!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngVor-Matur: Materialized from Azathoth's dreams, an ungodly entity bent on conquering or destroying worlds, for either of them will serve as amusement.

Horror: Casts a projectile that blinds champions and causes fear on monsters.

Excess Matter: Massive health pool, no armor. Less knockback but smaller Rocket Jump height. PvE Only: 20% less damage taken.

Corrosive Blood: Blood sprayed when taking damage hurts enemies.

It came the day, as it had been written in the cursed pages of the Necronomicon, that one of these specters endured the torture of its unholy delivery.

With a will so strong only a being of pure hate and insanity could have,, it gave itself a shape. Its victorious roar was heard everywhere, from the deepest oceanic pits where Cthulhu slumbers to the outmost corners of he Dreamlands. Thus VorMatur, the Torturer of Souls, was born: angry, spiteful, mad, yet capable of logical thinking, unlike its paternal figure. It lives by one commandment only, to strangle this world between its amorphous claws and rid the livings of their will to exist.

Suffering follows in its wake, everything capable of human-like intellect it captures and tortures for years. Most of its victims die or turn into foaming shells, but those who survive are reborn through the pain, like VorMatur itself.

Driven insane, deprived of any semblance of sentience, as if they were cretinous infants they look up to their torturer for a purpose when all else has lost its meaning. And VorMatur hears their pleas, and like a father it welcomes them to its family, and teaches them there is no greater goal than to serve it and spread its word throughout all of creation.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngMajor: Wearing battle scars that ravage her face like the medals of conflict, a veteran that keeps on fighting the long-concluded war on Stroggos.

Airstrike: Mark multiple locations to explode.

Wall climb: Hold +jump (and no other button) in front of a wall to start a brief wall climb.

Tall, Lean and Mean: Hitbox is slimmer than all the other heavy champs. She is able to climb higher stair steps.


(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

Serious Sam
thumb MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngSerious Sam: An ex-captain of Earth Defense Force, Sam "Serious" Stone is the living legend who saved Earth from multiple invasions across space and time.

Serious Minigun: Pulls out his minigun with 80 ammo. Hourglasses don't reduce cooldown, instead they increase minigun ammunition when picked.

Seriously Loaded: Carries all three starting weapons: Machinegun, Shotgun and Nailgun.

Complementary Ammo: Gets a serious amount of ammo for the current weapon when picking up Light and Heavy armors.

Good morning Sir, I have a shipment for Mr. Tah-Um, also known as Mental and Chaad Sheen, is that you? Great! I only need a signature here, here aaaand here, thank you very much, have a nice day and enjoy!

TO: Tah-Um / Mental / Chaad Sheen

FROM: Your biggest follower


Hello and welcome to our monthly episode of Serious Cooking! I am your host Sam Serious Stone and today I am going to show you how to cook my delicious, world renowned, Fillet of Zumb'Ul with Cucurbito Head Puree.

Let's start with the ingredients first.

For this recipe you will need: 1 Zumb'Ul thighs, 1 Cucurbito Head, 2 Fiendian Reptiloid Wings, 1 Gnaar eye, and don't forget 2-3 garlic cloves, thyme, olive oil, and butter. They really help bring out the flavor.

(Read more in the QCDE Manual!)

Classes in single player

In GZDoom, player pawn size is always set to standard, so players don't have to worry about hitboxes.

For single player in older source ports, only “Medium” champions are recommended. Light characters are very small and can sometimes fit between the bars where players aren’t supposed to fit. Conversely, tanks are considerably bigger and won't fit in the tightest of places where player might be expected to go. It's still possible to play any class, but if map progression is broken, the responsibility is on player.

Regarding difficulty, playing single player or cooperative with Medium champions is playing QCDE in “normal” mode. Playing with Light champions is more of a challenge, and playing with Heavy ones is a bit on the easier side because of their stacks.

Monster replacement

Player can use monsters from Doom, Doom 4, Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 4. More than that, players can mix and match monster sets -- for example, picking both Quake 2 and Quake 4 would be fighting against united Strogg forces.

All monsters emit damage numbers when hurt.

Monster randomization has two modes: classic, as known by the likes of Aeons of Death and other randomizer mods, and theme per map, selecting only one of the enabled themes at random for each map.

Custom monster themes

Player faces an eclectic menagerie composed from custom monster themes made by community members.

QC:DE features an ACS-based API that allows third-party monster themes to be cleanly interfaced with the mod. As a result, over 40 monster sets have been developed by the community members, mainly porting monsters from other popular games into QCDE. Each monster set can be played exclusively, replacing all monsters, or in combination with other monster sets, built-in or third-party.

Several monster theme addons have been released officially by the mod's team, including Heretic, Marathon and Doom 3 monsters. A tutorial for making monsters compatible with QCDE is available on ModDB, as well as a template theme file to plug values into.


During single player or cooperative games, killing all monsters and finding all secrets on a map is rewarded with a random tiered bonus, represented by a lootbox. Like in Quake Champions, there are three reward tiers on this surprise mechanic: Backpack, Chest and Reliquary. Lootboxes reward player for map knowledge and perseverance during secret hunting.

Backpacks contain rewards that are immediately useful, such as a random weapon, an ammo refill, or a megahealth. Chests contain more significant rewards, such as a strong powerup to be given on the next map, or sometimes, even two. Reliquaries, the most prized lootboxes, contain permanent improvements such as max health or max ammo increase.

In multiplayer games, every player gets their own lootbox once all monsters have been killed and all secrets found. It is therefore especially beneficial to party as a whole to complete the map perfectly.

It's worth noting that at no point do surprise mechanics of this mod ever cross ways with real world money. The lootboxes of QCDE are completely free.

Original soundtrack

Official soundtrack album cover

Soundtrack consists of the album Augmented of original metal music by Michael Markie and covers of songs from Doom, Duke Nukem, Blood, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake 1 and 2.

Excerpts have been featured as outro music for released videos, and as background music for Kane deathmatch video.

Competitive scene

Owing to its Quake roots, Quake Champions: Doom Edition has developed a competitive scene. Several duel tournaments with monetary prizes have been held. The most successful series, TastyCups, has seen 7 tournaments to date, the latest one in May 2020. TastyCups are organized and casted by Alex "Jehar" Popa, known for also casting Quake Champions tournaments.

Released videos


  • Sprites: Captain J, Franco Tieppo
  • Character sprites: DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngDrPyspy, YukiHerz, Abysswalker, Simploo, Revenatn, Nash Muhandes
  • Testing: Ragequit, Jckfrbn, A_D_M_E_R_A_L, Abysswalker, Ivory Duke
  • Additional testing: ElRetardo, Barbarossa, VDRK, Bryina, DoomKrakken, Matsilagi
  • Official manual: Barbarossa, Ivory Duke
  • Champion lore: Ivory Duke
  • QCDE maps: DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanter, Abysswalker, Ivan Dobrovski, Ivory Duke, Killerkouhai, Mr.Rocket
  • HD portraits: Legendbourne
  • Voxels: Ivory Duke
  • Additional credits: DeXiaZ, DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngJimmy, DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngXaser, Breadbagfly, Chronoteeth, DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngMechadon, Zanieon, KeksDose, TwelveEyes


Download: ModDB

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