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The Desert SouthWest
Author Rex Claussen
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Paranoia at Doomworld/idgames


5 levels, set in a Military Research installation in the desert South- West of the U.S. The main focus of the research is in Genetics, so there are a variety of Labs and computer centers. There are also waste and water treatment areas, storage bays, speciment containment areas, and power generators. Being a military installation there are armories, barracks, security posts, holding cells, and a Medical Center. There is even an Administration section (with offices), as well as bathrooms, a lounge, and vending machines. Plus lots of human and alien enemies!

The permanent download location is located on the /idgames archive. (See External Links)


These levels extensively use Half Life textures, weapons, and enemies. They also feature a cool new sky, and scripting. ZDooM features include translucency, laser and force-field barriers, underwater environments, true elevators, colored lighting, fog, slippery surfaces (ice), quakes ... the list goes on.

An Icy Chamber

There are new weapons graphics, but these work just like DooM2 weapons. The weapons have not been modified through DeHacked (and this mod was created before DECORATE allowed the creation of completely new weapons).

This can be considered a "total conversion", as it replaces enemy/weapon/decoration sprites, and textures & flats.

Fill up on soda & chips

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