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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

Object is the very front-most class which all other classes inherit from, either directly or through other inheriting classes.


  • static int G_SkillPropertyInt(int p);
  • static double G_SkillPropertyFloat(int p);
  • static vector3, int G_PickDeathmatchStart();
  • static vector3, int G_PickPlayerStart(int pnum, int flags = 0);
  • static int GameType();
  • static void S_Sound (Sound sound_id, int channel, float volume = 1, float attenuation = ATTN_NORM);
  • static bool S_ChangeMusic(String music_name, int order = 0, bool looping = true, bool force = false)
  • static void C_MidPrint(string fontname, string textlabel, bool bold = false);
  • static uint BAM(double angle);
  • void Destroy();
    Removes the actor from the level.


native bool bDestroyed; - (unknown use besides boss cubes)


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