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Menus: Main menu → Options menu

The network options menu contains various multiplayer specific settings, which will generally only have any effect in a multiplayer game. Its MENUDEF name is NetworkOptions.

  • Movement prediction (Off/On)
Lets you switch off latency movement prediction, at the cost of not having responsive input depending on your netgame latency.
  • Predict line actions (On/Off)
If switched on, allows some line specials, such as silent teleporters, to have the actions predicted by player prediction. Requires the above movement prediction option to also be on.

  • Extra Tics (None/1/All unacknowledged)
Controls if and how many extra inputs get sent for each message. 1 is the same as, and implied by, -extratic, and "All unacknowledged" is every tic that is currently missing a response.
  • Latency balancing (On/Off)
Controls if a P2P game uses latency balancing. If switched on, all nodes will attempt to send messages in advance to match when they would receive eachothers. In a 2 player game, this has the effect of halving network latency.