Netherworld - A Cursed Legacy

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Netherworld - A Cursed Legacy
Author Tormentor667
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniHexenLogoIcon.png
Status Released

A new adventure for Doom in the world of Hexen and Heretic.

Story It was over. Smoke arose out of a deep crater where D'Sparil stood moments before. Corvin approached slowly while he was consistently hit by small sparks emerging from the dead bones of the serpent raider. The elf wanted to assure that D'Sparils reign of terror is over, that there is no more fighting because Corvin was at the end of his tether.

For over half an hour he stood in front of the krater and was looking at the remains of his arch-enemy. He was waiting until the last magic glow in D'Sparils charred eye-sockets extinguished. Then Corvin sat up, took his staff and left the fortress.

Outside the dome, overwhelmed Undead Warriors and Weredragons were still blazing which challenged you hours ago. A pleasent aspect for Corvin until a certain anxiety occured: The sky was pitch-black, darker then ever before. Bright columns of light travelled fast between the sky and the ground far away. Corvin knew that it wasn't a spectacle of natural origin. But on hisself he wasn't able to give account for this play, only a sage has enough wisdom to do so and the only one left was Moruil from Sramoren. Corvin's quest wasn't over yet...

Progress Here you can take a look at the actual state of the mod when it was in development (what's finished and what's not) What Progress Enemies (sprites/sounds/deh) 046%

Textures 080%

Storyline 039%

Weapons (overhead/ammo) 048%

Items 052%

DeHacked (texts/messages) 000%

Graphics (fonts/gfx) 032%

The first 2 maps out of 13 planned where completed. Due to insufficient inspiration and help the project was left, the completed maps where then taken into Hpack, a Heretic modification.

Tormentor's Realm 667

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