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Lump filtering is a feature for directory-structured archives that allows loading of lumps depending on the game or gametype.

The engine makes use of a special filter/ directory which houses lump filters. These filters are directories which bear the name of the game or gametype for which to load their contents, and they must follow the directory structure.

When the filters are loaded, they will be renamed to strip out the filter/<game-or-gametype>/ part and will be ordered so they take precedence over any lumps not inside a filter/ directory. Filters that do not match the criteria, will be ignored.

Filters are not necessarily mutually exclusive. For instance, if there are two filters, one for any Doom-based game and another for Doom II: Hell on Earth, both will be loaded when playing Doom II: Hell on Earth, but only the former filter will be loaded if playing any of the other Doom-based games.

Note: as of GZDoom 4.1.0, the names of the Doom games filters doom.doom1 and doom.doom2 are deprecated in favor of the new names and, respectively. As such, the old names should not be used in future projects nor mixed with the new names.

Filter names

The following is a listing of game and gametype filter names:


  • doom
Any Doom game.
Any commercial Doom game.
Any Doom 2 game.
Doom 2: Hell on Earth.
Doom 2: L'Enfer sur Terre.
Doom 2: XBox Edition.
Doom 2: Unity Edition.
Doom 2: BFG Edition.
Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment.
Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment: Unity Edition.
Final Doom: TNT - Evilution.
Final Doom: TNT - Evilution: Unity Edition.
DOOM: Complete: WadSmoosh.
Any original Doom game.
Doom Registered.
The Ultimate Doom.
Doom: XBox Edition.
Doom: Unity Edition.
Doom: BFG Edition.
  • doom.freedoom
Any Freedoom game.
  • doom.freedoom.demo
Freedoom: Demo Version.
  • doom.freedoom.phase1
Freedoom: Phase 1.
  • doom.freedoom.phase2
Freedoom: Phase 2.
  • doom.freedoom.freedm
  • heretic
Any Heretic game.
  • heretic.heretic
  • heretic.shadow
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders.
  • blasphemer
  • hexen
Any Hexen game.
  • hexen.hexen
Hexen: Beyond Heretic.
  • hexen.deathkings
Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel.
  • strife
Any Strife game.
  • strife.strife
Strife: Quest for the Sigil.
  • strife.veteran
Strife: Veteran Edition.
  • chex
Any Chex Quest game.
  • chex.chex1
Chex(R) Quest.
  • chex.chex3
Chex(R) Quest 3.
  • urbanbrawl
Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl.
  • hacx
Any Hacx game.
  • hacx.hacx1
Hacx: Twitch'n Kill.
  • hacx.hacx2
Hacx 2.0.
  • harmony
  • square
Any The Adventures of Square game.
  • square.squareware
The Adventures of Square (Square-ware).
  • square.square
The Adventures of Square.
  • delaweare
  • woolball
Any Shadow Of The Wool Ball game. (Verification needed)
  • woolball.rotwb
Rise Of The Wool Ball.


  • game-raven
Any Heretic or Hexen game.
  • game-doomstrifechex
Any Doom, Strife or Chex Quest game.
  • game-doomchex
Any Doom or Chex Quest game.
  • game-doom
Any Doom game.
  • game-heretic
Any Heretic game.
  • game-hexen
Any Hexen game.
  • game-strife
Any Strife game.
  • game-chex
Any Chex Quest game.