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Lump Tool

Version - 26th March 2002
Lump Tool is a program similar to WinTex - the Doom WAD editor program. The main difference is that this program puts lumps in and gets them out as they are without any conversion - useful for MP3s, etc.


  • Join 2 or more WAD files together
  • Insert - from files, other WAD files, textbox or blank
  • Find out what lump names go with what events - e.g. Soldier injured - DSPOPAIN
  • Replace
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Export
  • Text Editor for MAPINFO etc
  • Move up and down
  • Compile scripts with ACC
  • Delete all
  • Export all
  • Find
  • 0 bytes wasted WAD space
  • Hex editor type view

It is currently not possible to insert new graphics, but this maybe a feature in the future.