Impossible destiny

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Impossible Destiny
Author Metaldemon
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status In-Development
Link N/A


    Impossible Destiny is a project being made by Metaldemon. The release date hasn't been figured out yet ... hopefully this year.


    You are a soldier in WWII. After seeing all your buddies get killed by the Germans, you decided to run away. Armed with only a pistol, you will take down MG42 gunners, snipers, possibly blow up a tank, and more! You, or later together with a squad, are going to win the war.


  • MP-40, Thompson (in production, 15%)
  • Luger, Colt M-1911 (in production, 15%)
  • Kar98k, M1 Garand, Springfield (in production, 0%)
  • Panzerfaust 60 (in production, 30%)
  • MG42 (in production, 0%)


    German with a Pistol

  • Done
  • Health = 75%
  • High accuracy
  • Low damage
  • German with an MP40

  • Done
  • Health = 100%
  • Medium accuracy
  • Medium damage
  • German with an MG42

  • done!
  • Health = 85%
  • Medium accuracy
  • High damage

  • tank

  • in production 80%
  • Health = 250%
  • high accuracy 80% of shots are hit and immediate death
  • super high damage

  • And more to come ...


    A LOT of the sounds are ripped from Call of Duty 1. For example: take a normal German with a pistol. Then the act sound is triggered, and Doom chooses from one of the 54 act sounds available. So, if you like the Call of Duty 1 sounds, then maybe this is something for you.


    Due to the development status, I can't post any screenshots right now. There is too little finished to get a good screenshot.

driveable tank

    i think (as me... as metaldemon) that i gonna make a drivable tank... with half of the script done i really think this might be possible.