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Example of Startup and Notch generated by HexStartup++

HexStartup++ is a program for generating the Hexen Startup Lumps,Notch and Netnotch lumps, the difference between him and the only tool that does that (slade3) is that HexStartup++ doesn't apply the default hexen startup palette but instead it uses the given startup to generate a palette table and also apply that generated palette to notch and netnotch, so your startup graphics will not have that brown looking but instead it'll look alot better because the colors are going to match the colors used in the given startup image.

Supported Image files


  • Startup Lumps are limited to use 16 colors so if your graphics image has more than 16 colors it'll not generate the lumps.
  • Notch and Netnotch must be using the same colors that you used in the Startup Lump. (it's a limitation from the format files itself)

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