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203:Generic_Lift (tag, speed, delay, type, height)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector, or 0 to use the line's back side.
  • speed: Lift's movement speed. Doom's standard lifts move at 32, and blazing lifts move at 64.
  • delay: Octics before reversing direction. Doom waits for 24 octics (3 seconds).
  • type: Specifies what type of platform this is; see below.
  • height: Distance to move; only used when target is 0.

This special encapsulates Boom's generalized lifts.



Because the largest values used in Boom maps could not fit in tics in the Hexen map format, this generalized special uses values in octics. For reference, the following table provides equivalence for the values available in Boom. Use the values from the octics column. You can also use any arbitrary value you want.

Seconds Tics Octics Notes
1 35 8
3 105 24 Equivalent to vanilla lift delay
4.7 165 ~38
10 350 80


Value Target Default sound sequence
0 Plat_UpByValue Platform
1 Plat_DownWaitUpStay Platform
2 Plat_DownToNearestFloor (does not exist as an explicit action special) Platform
3 Plat_DownToLowestCeiling (does not exist as an explicit action special) Platform
4 Plat_PerpetualRaise Floor


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