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202:Generic_Door (tag, speed, kind, delay, lock)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector, or 0 to use the line's back sector.
  • speed: Door's movement speed. Doom's standard doors move at 16, and blazing doors move at 64.
  • kind: Type of movement to apply to the door.
  • delay: Octics until door is automatically closed/opened. Doom waits about 34 octics.
  • lock: Required key, if any (see Key types).

This special encapsulates Boom's generalized doors.



If tag is 0, then the sector on the line's back side is used.

If 128 is added to the kind parameter, the tag is used as a light tag, not a door tag; see below.


Kind can be one of four values:

  • 0 — Raise door and close it after delay octics
  • 1 — Open door and leave it open
  • 2 — Close door and open it after delay octics
  • 3 — Close door and leave it closed

If 64 is added to the kind parameter, the door is not retriggerable even if it is a manual door. This is consistent with Boom's behavior for generalized door.

If 128 is added to the kind parameter, the tag is used as a light tag, not a door tag. In this case, this special only opens the door on the line's back side. Instead, a gradual lighting effect is done in the tagged sectors. The light is gradually changed between the darkest neighboring sector when the door is fully closed and the brightest neighboring sector when the door is fully open.


Because the largest values used in Boom maps could not fit in tics in the Hexen map format, this generalized line uses values in octics. For reference, the following table provides equivalence for the values available in Boom. Use the values from the octics column. You can also use any arbitrary value you want.

Seconds Tics Octics Notes
1 35 8
4 150 34 Equivalent to vanilla door delay
9 300 69
30 1050 240


For reference, Boom allows twelve possible lock types, but it is also possible to use any defined custom lock value.

Value Key needed to unlock
100 Any key
130 Any blue key
129 Any red key
131 Any yellow key
2 Blue key card
1 Red key card
3 Yellow key card
5 Blue skull key
4 Red skull key
6 Yellow skull key
229 All three colors
101 All six keys