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The main sky box and some level architecture
Enigma 13
Author Lexus Alyus
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Enigma13 at Doomworld/idgames


Enigma 13 is Lexus Alyus' very own attempt at creating a joke wad, with attempted gameplay and a humorous story that progresses throughout the level. This is a very trippy and weird wad which features brand new monsters! The general concept was to create something that was strange but playable (until the very last boss encounter that is, which will most likely require the god mode cheat). The detail is not over the top but not simple either. Also, beware of the evil teleporter tricks that this mod makes extensive use of (probably to great frustration).


  • This mod features an appearance by Cutman Mike, where he taunts you through a platform area that is reminiscent of some of his early platform levels (Cutman wasn't involved in the creation of this map however).
  • The music used is from the Enigma table of Epic Megagames' Epic Pinball, which did serve as an inspiration for this mod (hence the weird warping textures and crazy sky box).
  • The 2nd level was originally Lexus' first submission of E1M5 to KDIZD, however not many people approved of the vast style differences from the original at the time.
  • All the new monsters have one single frame of an hi-res sprite with no animation, except for the death frames, which were ripped from out of ROTT.