Dream of Majic

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Dream of Majic
Author DB-Thanatos
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniHexenLogoIcon.png
Status Released

It is v2 now, a Hexen wad that spans 5 level hub by DB-Thanatos. Over a 100 hours work. Now a partial TC. Has new Monsters and weapons, this also brings a new history not related to the Hexen/heretic world. This mod is oriented to a more "Doomish" gameplay. You'll start with one weapon which will be the only one for quite some time, but is not as weak as one could expect. It works fine for the starting monsters with a plus: it's secondary fire.

For the necromancer, as one can expect, you'll be able to resurrect fallen foes to help you, however everything have a price: Your own blood. Every time you ATTEMPT to raise a fallen monster, you'll loose some health. You cant expect to give life to a corpse for free. Other thing to take in count is the fact that when you raise a monster you leave it in a weak state, it'll not be as healthy as when was alive, plus it's flesh/skin will be weaker, causing it to gib when killed again, preventing from re-resurrecting.

For the demoness, you'll be able to summon a little fiend from the pits to aid your quest. Like the necromancer, your extra ability takes some of your blood, however you'll loose the health only when the demon is summoned; failed attempts doesn't hurts you.