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14:Door_Animated (tag, speed, delay, lock)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector
  • speed: Duration of each frame in the door animation, in tics
  • delay: Tics until door closes
  • lock: Required key (See Key types)

Opens the affected sector like a door, but instead of raising the ceiling visibly, it instantly raises the ceiling and then plays a texture animation on the front sides of the door sector. This is used by ZDoom to manage Strife's animated doors.

There are a few limitations to observe:

  1. The sector must be set up like a normal door, that is, its ceiling height should be equal to its floor height.
  2. The texture to be used must be defined in the ANIMDEFS lump.
  3. The door sector may only have 2 sides which face another sector.
  4. Those 2 sides must have the same texture.


Here is an example of ANIMDEFS definition for a Strife door:

animateddoor  SIGLDR01
	opensound DoorOpenLargeMetal
	closesound DoorCloseLargeMetal
	pic SIGLDR01 
	pic SIGLDR02 
	pic SIGLDR03 
	pic SIGLDR04 
	pic SIGLDR05  
	pic SIGLDR06 
	pic SIGLDR07 
	pic SIGLDR08 

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as Door_Animated:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniStrifeLogoIcon.pngStrife 144:DR Door Animated Door_Animated (0, 4, 105) Player Use, Monsters Activate, Repeatable
MiniStrifeLogoIcon.pngStrife 207:SR Door Animated Door_Animated (tag, 4, 105) Player Use, Repeatable