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Doom Launcher is a launcher and database designed to keep your WADs and source ports organized. Doom Launcher is written by Hobomaster22 in C# and requires .NET 4.5

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  • Add any number of source ports, IWADs, and WADs.
  • Direct /idgames access to search and download directly to Doom Launcher.
  • Automatically populates fields from /idgames text files (title, author, release date, description).
  • Automatically parses maps to be selected for launching (E1M1, MAP01…).
  • Automatically links and saves screenshots, demos, and save games.
  • Easily search on title, filename, author, and/or description and sort.
  • Portable. If source ports are saved in the Doom Launcher folder then it can be used in a portable fashion, on a USB flash drive or on Dropbox.
  • Keeps track of play statistics such as kills, secrets, and items for supported source ports. The supported ports are: ZDoom, PrBoom+, and CNDoom(Competition-Doom)
  • Organize your library with an unlimited number of Tags that can be color coded.
  • Generate /idgames style text file.