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A Screenshot of Demon Eclipse
Demon Eclipse
Author Eriance
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Demon Eclipse at Doomworld/idgames, 2008-01-07


Demon Eclipse was a Doom II mod for GZDoom worked on by Eriance/Amuscaria. It was originally meant to be a 4-episode mod with a multitude of weapons and monsters. The project quickly suffered from scope-bloat and was revamped and abandoned several times. The mod was finally abandoned for good after being dropped in favor of its more refined successor, "Hell-Forged", that takes the 'hell-tech' theme from Demon Eclipse's 2nd Episode. Blue Shadow has since repackage the original Demon Eclipse: Episode 1 into a standalone package.

The Story So Far

Just an hour ago, you were a simple military sergeant with the UAC's private military dispatched to provide basic security detail and training the new recruits at the barracks. Life was simple until it all went wrong.

A distress signal arrived from Mars, demanding immediate back up to fend off some sort of "invasion". No one but the corporate tops know what's really going on in the UAC's Martian experimental facilities. But whatever it was, seems to have caused some serious trouble for the inhabitants. The message was jumbled up and one could only make out a few words like "invasion", "demons", and "hell". The gunfire and the sounds of men dying in the background didn't make it easier to understand. After about 20 seconds, the message cuts off.

Without delay, the corporate tops ordered an immediate dispatch of the best marines through what was still an experimental gateway. However, transport to Mars through it, if it worked correctly, would be instantaneous, rather than a month or two on even the fastest ship. The order was given out, and hundreds of the finest the UAC has to offer was lined up, geared and ready to provide the Martians some back up. Things were looking well, until the activation of the Gateway.

When the Gateway opened, all hell broke lose — literally. A giant mechanical monster trampled through, and immediate opened fire with what looked like a mounted BFG-9000. The best the UAC had to offer were all disintegrated in a few seconds. Chaos broke lose within the Gateway control facility as hordes of small creatures poured out of the three gates. They ran through the facility with hellish speed and killed anyone that got in their way. Those unfortunate enough not to die were somehow "possessed" and quickly turned on their comrades. These subverted guards lead the invaders through the rest of the neighboring facilities. The UAC compound was quickly lost, and all communications ended.

To make matters worse, instead of sending in back up, the UAC ordered a blockade on the compound. No one was allowed to leave alive. Everyone and everything trying to make a run for it was shot on sight. It seems covering up whatever was going on was worth a lot more to them then you and your men's lives. With no way to escape out of the facility, and monsters rampaging through every hallway, you had to make a choice and fast. Would you risk being shot by your own kind, or be devoured by the creatures that are pouring through?

The only escape route was through that Gateway, even with a giant mechanized brain-monster in your way. You grab what weapon you have and make your way to through the barracks. Your goal is clear, to survive, and to contain, if possible, this invasion, by shutting down the primary reactor. You aren't sure how you will make it out of this, but it sure beats joining to military just to be shot by your own guys.

What's New

Demon Eclipse offers a wide range of new material, including a lot of custom graphics new maps, sounds and music, as well as a new Doom experience.

Originally meant to be a custom resource wad, Demon Eclipse has evolved into a large megawad project. It features a large arsenal of new and remade weapons and monsters.

Episode Infomation

DE is split into three episodes, each designed to have its own theme. Each episode has eight normal maps and one secret map. There will be a number of multiplayer-oriented maps for Deathmatch, CTF, etc. Several miscellaneous maps will also be included, such as a "monster museum".

Episode 1: "Doorway to Abaddon"

Episode 1 begins the story with you, a survivor of the initial demonic invasion fighting for survival. Your only way out is through the experimental gateway that, you hope, will take you to Mars.


Episode 1 is built around the original Doom E1 feel, with various UAC facilities that are littered with exploding barrels and pools of nukage. The host of enemies include those from Doom II and several new ones created for DE. The weapons are mostly identical to the originals, although all have updated graphics. There will also be secret weapons. Map progression is also the same as the classic, although there will be a clear path of progress from map to map as areas from the previous map will appear in the next.

List of Maps

  • E1M1: "The Barracks"
  • E1M2: "Monitoring Station"
  • E1M3: "Waste Processing"
  • E1M4: "The Reactor"
  • E1M5: "Supply Depot"
  • E1M6: "Gateway Control"
  • E1M7: "The Abyssal Lair"
  • E1M8: "The Core"
  • E1M9: "Purification Plant" (Secret)

Episode 2: "The Pandemonium Fortress"

After destroying the Core on Mars, you thought it was all over, that you were safe. You were wrong. The beast thrusts you into another dimension, a dimension warped by the touch of Hell: The Pandemonium Fortress. Filled with the howls of strange creatures, you have no choice but to fight your way out, again.


The second episode is built upon the "hellish castle" feel of many of the original game's episode 3 and 4. It will also have a strong Heretic and Hexen feel, in terms of weaponry and setting. Although map progression is still linear, episode 2 is designed to be more surreal than episode 1 without major changes in map progression. Episode 2 is heavily inspired by Diablo and Diablo 2.

Episode 2 will have its own set of nine weapons, all of them powered by hellish energies crafted by the Boss of this episode, the Hellforge Smith. Weapons in this domain differ from the previous episode in that they can be "powered-up" by the "Doomsphere" item, where their powers drastically increases with some changes in function.

List of Maps

  • E2M1: "The Guardhouse"
  • E2M2: "The Courtyard"
  • E2M3: "The Catacombs"
  • E2M4: "Devil's Cavern"
  • E2M5: "The Dungeon"
  • E2M6: "Hellkeep"
  • E2M7: "Towers of Suffering"
  • E2M8: "The Hellforge"
  • E2M9: "Underworld" (secret)

Ep-3: "Planes of Despair"

After kicking the Hellsmith's ass, a new portal opens within The Hellforge. With nowhere else to go, you step through it. When you exit, you end up in a domain even more twisted and hellish than you would ever thought possible — it seems that you have truly entered the depths of Hell.


Episode 3 is very different, in terms of gameplay and map progression, from the two previous episodes. Unlike the usual linear progression one one level to the next, episode 3 is partially like Hexen, where the first six maps (dimensions) are all linked together. You may travel back and forth between any of these six you want to collect the items you need and defeating the bosses required. Upon collecting all six skull keys, you will be able to open a final portal to the deepest recesses of this dimension. Once you progress through, you can no longer go back.

As with before, episode 3 has its own set of unique weapons. Unlike before, a weapon will only appear in its native dimension. Each weapon can not only be powered-up by a Doomsphere, but there will be special items, when collected, unlock a secondary mode for each weapon (which also can be powered-up). The final weapon, the Unmaker, can only be assembled from the pieces dropped by each of the dimensional bosses.

List of Maps

  • E3M1: "The Black Citadel"
  • E3M2: "Acheron"
  • E3M3: "The City of the Damned"
  • E3M4: "Hades Spires"
  • E3M5: "Sheol"
  • E3M6: "Tartarus"
  • E3M7: "Inner Sanctum"
  • E3M8: "The Throne of Chaos"
  • E3M9: "Limbo" (secret)

Misc Maps

There will be a couple of miscellaneous maps in DE. These are not part of the story in any way, but offer quick fun or exploration for the curious.

List of Maps

  • MISC1: "The Monster Museum"
  • MISC2: "The Trolls Forest"

Monster Information

DE also offers a large bestiary of new monsters, each designed for the new maps. Many of the monsters were recycled and/or inspired from the old Hellstorm mod. Some monsters were removed, some added, and others modified as the mod progressed. Below is a list and a brief description of their behavior.

Normal Monsters

As in the original Doom, some monsters are much more common than others. In DE, these "normal" monsters are commonplace and have no special defenses (with few exceptions).

Hideous monster that walks on its arms and blasts pulses of hellish energies from its truncated legs.
Abyssal Crawler
Spider-like predators of Acheron that hunt in packs. Their mandibles are soaked in a nasty flesh-eating venom.
Hellforge version of the arachnotron; trading UAC machinery for a Hell-forged iron-clad body and deadly energy weapon.
Stronger cousins of the pink demons; tougher, faster, fiercer, these lead lesser demons on the attack.
These flying demons cast powerful homing attacks. Although rather weak, they can quickly turn the game on you if you aren't fast on your feet.
Hellforge version of the mancubus. Their arms mount a duo of Hellforge Cannon variants.
Mix UAC tech with the baron of Hell and you end up with this mini-cyberdemon.
Death Incarnate
Demonic Drones that are very similar to the revenant. Their insides crackle with hellish energies that they do not hesitate to use.
Stronger and tougher, these enhanced imps are far more ferocious than their lesser kin and lead them in combat.
Burning cinders of once majestic creatures consumed by their own vanity. They patrol Tartarus waiting for hapless victims to douse with their burning flames.
Small drone cubes designed to patrol the halls of the Pandemonium Fortress for intruders. They attack in groups with volleys of hellfire.
Hades Sphere
Manifestations of Hell's evil in the form of glowing orbs of chaotic energy. They seek out victims on which to detonate themselves, dealing terrible damage.
Favorite pets of the Pitlord, these cindering hunters of Tartarus hunt in packs and attack with scorching bites.
Lesser cousins of the arch-viles, the hellions attack with powerful blasts of hellfire. Weak, but deadly in groups.
These molten cousins of the cacodemons blast out balls of molten rock.
Shadowy versions of the bloodfiend, these demons have all the strengths of their kin, but much harder to see.
This ghostly enemy phases out when stalking its victim, revealing itself only when they are in range to attack.
Shadowy denizens of the City of the Damned. They are basic undead minions that spit out homing fireballs.
This ghostly flier is partially phased out, rendering it immune to most attacks. Its missiles attack your soul directly, ignoring all armor.
These cousins of the hellhounds patrol the grounds of the City of the Damned.
Giant versions of the guardians, they feature a multitude of attacks and can summon guardians when they are threatened.
Undead demons that have increased speed but reduced vitality. They drain life with every bite, using this to heal their injuries.
A species of teleporting hunters that will carve your up if you don't keep moving.
Stygian Hornet
Flying insect-like demonesses that launch out venomous barbs. They stop at nothing to protect their Acheron hives.
Stygian Spawn
Larval stages of the hornets, they have an endless hunger for fresh meat.
These small vile creatures exist only to douse their victims with venom by detonating themselves up close. They are very weak, but come in swarms.
Long ago, these green-skinned creatures were imps. Mutated by eons of exposure to Acheronian toxins, they now through venomous projectiles instead of fire.
A miniature cousin of the cacodemon, this quick orange orb spits high-speed projectiles.
Sinister enemies from the City of the Damned that patrol the skies. They summon evil energy spheres that can change directions instantly.
Shriveled undead imps that throw chilling projectiles that assault your spirit directly. Their icy touch drains the very life essence from you, healing their own wounds.
Shredded spirits of the damned, they crave for a chance to have their revenge on the living. They can possess demon corpses, using their new puppet bodies to hunt.
Mid-boss Monsters

These monsters are more common than the often unique bosses and are significantly weaker. However, they have a powerful attacks and are much more rare than normal monsters. Many have a multitude of attacks and elemental and splash-damage resistances.

Abyssal Defiler
Spider-like demonesses that spawn the abyssal crawlers and ticks. They have poison attacks second only to the Stygian Queen.
Archon of Hell
If you thought the barons of Hell were tough, wait until you meet these guys.
Undead servants armed with some of the best the Hellforge has to offer. Special reflective shields and copies of the Vorpal blade make these some of the toughest enemies.
Evolved through the powers of the Moloch, selected arch-viles have grown into these crimson demons, whose mastery of hellfire has been greatly enhanced.
Hellforge Apprentice
Apprentices of the Hellforge Smith, they have similar powers to their masters, but still have a long way to go until they reach his level.
Demonic sorcerers that serve as guardians to the City of the Damned. They have an array of nasty attack spells and curses.
Soul Harvester
Guardians of the Necropolis, they have devoured countless souls, gaining great power through their gluttony.
Enhanced by the powers of the Overlord, a select few cacodemons have evolved into these dark guardians of the Hades Spire.
Boss Monsters

The most powerful monsters in DE. There are only one of each of these, usually found at the end for the stage or episode. These creatures represent the toughest the world of DE has to offer, and each comes with multiple attacks and other special abilities.

What happens when you take two cyberdemons and merge them into a single creature with homing rockets?
Having led the invasion to Earth, this monstrosity won't let you pass through the Gateway without a fight.
Hellforge Smith
Undoubtedly the biggest bad-ass of the Pandemonium Fortress, the Hellforge Smith created all the weapons you have used so far — enough said.
The undead master of Sheol, the Lich is the master of all the undead denizens on his domain. Its powers of frost and souls are unrivaled.
Moloch of Abaddon
Biggest boss of them all. His powers are a mystery to all.
Ruler of the Hades Spire, none has ever reached his throne at the top of his fortress. Being the epitome of his species, the Overlord will not be easily defeated.
If you manage to make it deep enough into Tartarus to face him, the Pitlord will show you just how hot Hell can really get.
Stygian Queen
The Queen of Acheron itself, she has allowed her species to rule thanks to her unrivaled power over the venoms and poisons of this dimension.
Crazed master of the City of the Damned, the Tarasque's ability to regenerate is only matched by his ferocity.
Extra Monsters

These monsters aren't actually part of DE, instead they were remade monsters from the abandoned mod, Hellstorm. They were originally going to appear in a super-secret map. However, the latest mod will not encompass their appearance, although they will still be available for summoning via console.

Anagorak Cultist
Lowest ranking members of the Cult of the Anagorak, these denizens only know the most basic of spells. Still, they are tougher than they appear.
Anagorak Priest
Granted magic talismans that greatly enhance their powers, these dark priests levitate and can attack with devastating force.
Anagorak Disciple
Comprised of the inner circles of the cult, the Disciples are second only to their dark master. Their powers are far greater than their lesser henchmen.
Dark Avatar
The Master of the Cult of the Anagorak, this former human has been twisted by his exposure to the forces of hell. Needless to say, he is the most powerful.
Lunatics whose faith in the cult have robbed them of their better judgment. They have no powers, but carries weapons that they will not hesitate to use.
Undead constructs built from the rotting remains of demons. They launch venomous projectiles and explode into a toxic cloud when killed.
Lesser Demonknight
Lesser servants of Hell's armies, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Weapon Information

Demon Eclipse aims to preserve as much of the original Doom gameplay early on as possible. For this reason, the first episode has the same weapons as the original Doom, with one secret weapon added in. However, all later weapons from the other episodes are completely new, designed to fit into the environment they were designed for.

Episode 1 - Doorway of Abaddon weapons are re-sprited versions of the original Doom arsenal. They behave almost identically to the original arsenal with some minor adjustments. An extra weapon, the "automatic shotgun" has been added as a secret in later betas.
You're a tough fighter with years of hand-to-hand combat experience. Although certainly not the best way to fend off hellish monsters, your ability to deliver a bone-cracking kick can come in handy; especially with a berserk pack.
No changes has been made between the chainsaw in DE and the classic asides from the sprites. Still good for chopping down lines of pinkies.
The DE pistol is a lot more accurate than its classic equivalent. There are otherwise no differences.
The DE shotgun is significantly more accurate, capable of sending down a cone of lead down much greater distances. There are no other changes.
Asides from the sprites and animation, the DE-SSG is identical in behavior to the original.
With the same firepower as the shotgun, but at a much faster firing rate, the ASG can put down lines of hellspawn in seconds. The only drawback is the 12-round magazine that needs to be reloaded.
Sub-Machine Gun
The SMG is identical to the classic Doom's chaingun besides the greater accuracy.
Gatling Gun
This DM/CTF-only weapon can blast out a torrent of lead, perfect for defending or attacking. Combined with its heavier rounds, it is extremely powerful.
Rocket Launcher
There are no differences, aside from graphics, between DE's rocket launcher, and the classic one.
Stun-Grenade Launcher
This DM/CTF weapon fires out projectiles that not only damage, but shock and stun the target for a short period of time.
Missile Launcher
The missile launcher fires out two mini missiles that seek out their target. Although the damage is lower than that of the RL, the missiles almost guarantee a hit in open areas. This weapon can only be found in DM/CTF maps.
Plasma Gun
These are no differences between the Plasma Gun in DE and the classic game asides from graphics.
The laser is a powerful DM/CTF weapon with pinpoint accuracy. Its only drawback is the tendency to overheat when used for prolonged periods.
The railgun launches a powerful sabot piercer round that blasts through armor and multiple targets. The weapon can be charged up two additional levels for a more devastating blast. This is a DM/CTF-only weapon.
The DE BFG-9K's charge can be sustained as long as the fire-button is held. This allows the weapon to be pre-charged before firing. There are, otherwise, no functionality changes.
This smaller, more portable weapon is a perfect mix between the plasma gun and the rocket launcher. It is capable of sending down volleys of explosive plasma energy at right rates. This weapon is DM/CTF-only.
Episode 2 - Pandemonium Fortress weapons resemble that of Heretic; dark magical weapons found within the Pandemonium Fortress. A "Doom Sphere" (DE version, Skulltag) can "power-up" each weapon, changing their behavior and greatly boosting their power for a limited amount of time.
Vorpal Blade
The origin of this ancient blade is a mystery. Once you've set it free from its prison within the Pandemonium fortress, it will serve you well. Unlike the usual melee weapons in other Doom mods, the Vorpal blade is no pea-shooter or punch. Each slash does high amounts of damage that will serve to charge up its energy reservoir. When fully charged, it can unleash a powerful wave that will cut down even the strongest hellspawn while healing you if you strike an enemy point-blank. Powered up, it is even more powerful, healing with each slice, charged or not.
Hellfire Gem
This wand-like weapon fires out volleys of small fireballs. It is not particularly powerful, but it gives you reach where the Vorpal blade does not. Even without ammo, it can draw in ambient energies of Hell to sustain fire, albeit at reduced power. Powering this weapon up will allow it to fire a jet of scorching flame that explodes on contact.
Blood Bane
Of all the strange things you will find in the Pandemonium fortress, few will surpass this weapon. This organic "creature" can mysteriously cause the blood of its victims to boil and explode out of their bodies. Needless to say, it causes grievous wounds. Powered up, this effect becomes explosively powerful. This weapon can fire at a reduced rate when ammunition is out, generating its own power.
Demon Shredder
Another one of the Hellforge's organic weapons. This short-range scepter blasts out a cone of serrated venomous barbs that gives the weapon its name. Powered up, and it can launch a burst of explosive "grenades" that will make quick work of almost anything. Furthermore, this weapon will actively regenerate its own ammunition when left idle.
Flesh Render
This demonic skull shoots twin razor-sharp bone shards from the eye sockets, capable of impaling through multiple enemies. The larger the target, the more damage this weapon does. Powering it up will allow it to send waves of bone spikes down a limited range to impale lines of demonic foes.
Soul Leech
The soul leech is a powerful supplemental weapon (if you could find one). Its power assault the soul directly, ignoring all forms of armor or protection. It draws out the energy of the victim's spirit and feeds it to the user, boosting vitality even beyond normal limits. Its powered-up form is a even more powerful.
Note: The Soul-Leech behaves different in MP. It drains health directly from the target, instead of sending out a stream of "souls".
Hell Staff
Powerful staff that blasts out explosive spheres of pure chaotic energies. Although in many ways similar to the Hellforge version of the rocket launcher, you will not be harmed by its explosive effects. Powering this weapon up will put down some serious punishment on all of the the demonic denizens that dare stand in your way.
This DM/CTF only weapon spouts out bouncing orbs of magma that quickly douse an area with scorching flames. Anything caught within the firestorm will be roasted to a crisp. Powering this weapon up will greatly increase it's power.
Hellforge Cannon
This weapon is amongst the most powerful within the Hellforge arsenal. With a high rate of fire, and explosive projectiles that explode into damage rippers, this weapon quickly clears out rooms of demons. The only drawbacks is that it eats up ammo extremely quickly, and will just as easily kill you as your enemies. Powering up this badass will pour down a deluge of steel and fire.
Soul Reaver
Undoubtedly the most powerful weapon the Hellforge has to offer, this gigantic staff calls upon the powers of the damned to tear your foes asunder. The soul reaver fires two different attacks at once, one that seeks out targets on their own and explode, and another that summons veracious souls from the depths of Hell to devour your enemies. A single blast is enough to clear an entire room of demons.
Episode 3 - Planes of Despair weapons build on the concepts of those found in Episode 2, as each has a power-up mode from the Doom Sphere. However, each weapon can also be "upgraded" by finding a number of specialized items. Each weapon has one or more items that can be collected to upgrade it, unlocking a secondary attack or special function. Both modes are powered-up by the Doom Sphere.
Vorpal Blade
Traveling to the deepest recesses of hell has increased the powers of the Vorpal Blade. It can now gradually charge up its own powers, and with an additional item, throw out waves of damaging energy at will, giving it the reach it did not have before. Its basic function remains unchanged.
Found within the realm of Acheron, this living weapon is a creature capable of spewing out jets of flesh-eating venom. It's high rate of fire is only offset by the relative low damage. Unlocking the alternate form will allow it to spit out pods that explode into clouds of toxic gas. This weapon's attack is capable of eating through bony barriers found within episode 3's maps, allowing you to unlock secret areas.
This weapon is a cousin of the Blood Bane found within the Pandemonium Fortress. Where the Blood Bane damaged with the powers of demon blood, the Razor uses demon bones. On attack, the Razor launches 3 impaling bone missiles. These highly dangerous projectile split into a dozen smaller missile after a short distance, creating a torrent of damaging shrapnel that makes quick work of small, lightly armored victims. Unlocking it's alternate mode will allow the Razor to summon a wall of bone to bar your foes. You an use this wall as a stepping stone to get to higher normally unreachable locations.
The powerful Doombringer staff is a rapid-fire demonic weapon that increases in damage as your charge it up with the pain of your enemies. It quickly loses this charge when no enemies are hit, making it ideal for putting down more powerful demons. Those killed by the Doombringer will explode, detonating their life energies to damage those around it. Those killed by these explosions will themselves explode, starting a chain-reaction. The unlockable alternate form allows the Doom bring to blast out a beam of Sheol's frost, putting anything it kills in deep freeze. This freezing behavior can be used to temporarily freeze up certain dangerous traps, such as lava flows or jets of poison.
Finding this secret weapon will allow you to consume the life of hell-spawn that you will face. Damaging your enemies will transfer life to you. The more enemies you kill with it, the more powerful this weapon becomes. However, unlike the other weapons, this weapon uses ammunition even when not in-use. When all demon blood is consumed, it will start to drain your life. Unlocking it's alternate form will allow you to summon blood spirits to bring back fallen demons to serve your.
As its says, this weapon incinerates with the powers of Tartarus' hellfire. In many ways, the incinerator is hell's version of a flame-through, capable of spewing scorching death over a short distance. It's alternate form make destroying fast agile enemies a breeze by launching a volley of small sell-seeking molten projectiles. The Incinerator can melt through some barriers, give you access to secret passages and areas. It will also destroy poison gas clouds that cover some areas, giving your safe passage.
If not for the Unmaker, the Hellstorm would be the most powerful weapon in episode 3. It's normal attack unleashes a deadly sphere of lightning that electrocutes most most demons with a single shot. If you could collect all the pieces to unlock it's alternate attack, this weapon can instant call down the storms of the Hades Spire to smite entire rooms clean. The Hellstorm performs a secondary function by being able to charge special crystals found within the Planes. When charged, these crystals will activate something on the level, such as a secret passage.
The Unmaker
The ultimate weapon within Demon Eclipse. It has no need for ammunition nor and exist only to give it's master unrivaled power. So powerful is this weapon, that the Moloch long broke it into 5 pieces, each piece given to five of his most trusted generals. So powerful were these pieces, that it gave these demon guardians powers to create and lord over their own domains. Needless to say, collecting each piece will give you a big boost in ability, even without assembling it.
The body of the unmaker will permanently reduce the damage you take from all attacks by 25%, the head will double your ammunition carrying capacity, the heart gives your the ability to regenerate your health, the spirit will cause you the phase out (like the phantom-sphere) whenever you are hit for a short duration, and finally the eyes will permanently increase your damage by 25%.
The Unmaker has unlimited ammo, more or less, and it's alternate mode is always unlocked. However it cannot be used until you charge the weapon up by killing demons with it's primary attack. The more powerful the demon, the more charge the Unmaker receives when killing it. When fully charged, the unmaker can unleash its true power - a vortex that completely destroys any normal or mid-boss enemy with a single blast. This attack is the only attack that can significantly damage the final boss - the Moloch.
But don't think that your fight is going to be easy now that you have the powerful Unmaker at your disposal. Should you get the Unmaker and enter the deepest recesses of the Moloch's domain, he will surely unleash the most powerful of his agents against your. All of Hell will march upon you with unrelenting fury.
Ep # Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8
1 Kick, Chainsaw Pistol Shotgun, SuperShotgun, Auto-Shotgun (secret) SMG Rocket Launcher Plasma gun BFG9000
2 Fist (temporary), Vorpal Blade Hellfire Gem Blood Bane, Demon Shredder Flesh Render, Soul-leech Hell Staff Hellforge Cannon Soul Reaver
3 Vorpal Blade Scourer Razor Doom Bringer, Devourer (secret) Incinerator Hellstorm The Unmaker

Items and Power-Ups Information

In DE, the player will have access to powerful new power ups. There will be power-up spheres, new armors and health items, as well as inventory items. Some items have powerful effects that could mean life or death.


Annihilator Sphere
This item gives you unlimited ammo and boosts your health and armor by an additional 100. Lasts 60 seconds.
Carnage Sphere
This item multiplies your damage dealt by 400%, lasting 45 seconds. (Similar to Skulltag's "doomsphere")
Chrono Sphere
This is item freezes time while allow you to move. Lasts 10 seconds. (Similar to Skulltag's "time-freezer")
Defender Sphere
This item cuts your damage taken by 75%, lasting 45 seconds. (Similar to Skulltag's "Guard Sphere")
This item allows you to see in dark areas as well as making all monsters glow, including invisible ones. Lasts 60 seconds.
Doom Sphere
This item powers-up your hell-weapons, making them much more powerful. Lasts 60 seconds. (Similar to Heretic's "Tome of Power")
This item gives you 300 health and 300 Giga-armor points; Armor shaves of the 75% damage.
Hell Sphere
This item makes you immune to splash damage and harmful environments. Damage are reduced by 50%. Lasts until map ends or death.
Phantom Sphere
This item makes you ethereal, allowing most projectiles fly through you with no effect. You still take melee and splash damage, as well as damage from soul-element attacks. Lasts 60 seconds. (Similar to Heretic's "Shadow-sphere")
Phobos Sphere
This item makes monsters fear you, forcing them run away and attack much less. Lasts 50 seconds.
Regeneration Sphere
This item regenerates your health until you hit 100 hp. Lasts until exit or death.
Turbo Sphere
This item greatly boosts your speed and your ability to jump as well as doubling your attack rate. Lasts 45 seconds.

Health and Armor

Blood Bonus
Red potions similar to the health bonus. Gives 5 health points per pick up, for a max of 200.
Bone Armor
Hell-forged armor crafted from bones. Similar to the combat armor, but only gives 100 points of protection.
Spirit Armor
This item boosts your armor points by an additional 100 points, for a max of 200.
Demon Shield
A Hell-forged shield that will give you an additional 50 points of armor protect. Can add up to 200.
The Best armor available to the UAC. This composite vest lets you shrug off even the heaviest attacks. Gives 300 armor points, and cuts 75% of incoming damage.
Giga Armor Bonus
Similar to the armor bonuses, but gives 10 points of bonus armor per pick up.
This hellish artifacts energies can instantly heal a significant portion of your injuries. Picking one up heals up to 20 points, but will not give you more than 100 HP max.
Spirit Charge
This powerful item instantly recharges 100% of your health. A close encounter will instantly put you back into fighting condition.
Mega Armor Bonus
Like the armor bonuses, but gives 5 points of bonus armor.
Bone Shield
This Hell-forged shield of bone will give you 50 additional points of protection, for a maximum of 200 points.
Soul Shard
Forged from the souls of the damned, using one of these gems will give you 10 additional health points, for a maximum of 200. These are found only found within the deepest recesses of Hell, however.


Hell Ammo
UAC Ammo
Homing Rocket

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