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A Screenshot of Demon Eclipse
Demon Eclipse
Author Amuscaria
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Abandoned (partially released)
Link Demon Eclipse at Doomworld/idgames, 2008-01-07


Demon Eclipse was a Doom II mod for GZDoom worked on by Amuscaria featuring new maps, weapons and monsters. It was originally meant to be a 4-episode, but only the first 2 was completed. Each episode was intended to have their own roster of enemies and arsenal. The project suffered from constant scope-bloat and revisions, where both episodes were either completely or partially remade no less than 3 times. It had been abandoned and revived several times, and abandoned for good in 2014. Episode 1 has since been repackaged as a standalone mod by Blue Shadow in 2014. Episode 2 has been remade as Hell-Forged starting in September 2017, and completed on August 2019.

The rest of this document will refer only to the standalone Episode 1, as Episode 2 revamping was never finished and now superseded by Hell-Forged.

The Story So Far

Just an hour ago, you were a simple military sergeant with the UAC's private military dispatched to provide basic security detail and training the new recruits at the barracks. Life was simple until it all went wrong.

A distress signal arrived from Mars, demanding immediate back up to fend off some sort of "invasion". No one but the corporate tops know what's really going on in the UAC's Martian experimental facilities. But whatever it was, seems to have caused some serious trouble for the inhabitants. The message was jumbled up and one could only make out a few words like "invasion", "demons", and "hell". The gunfire and the sounds of men dying in the background didn't make it easier to understand. After about 20 seconds, the message cuts off.

Without delay, the corporate tops ordered an immediate dispatch of the best marines through what was still an experimental gateway. However, transport to Mars through it, if it worked correctly, would be instantaneous, rather than a month or two on even the fastest ship. The order was given out, and hundreds of the finest the UAC has to offer was lined up, geared and ready to provide the Martians some back up. Things were looking well, until the activation of the Gateway.

When the Gateway opened, all hell broke lose; literally. A giant mechanical monster trampled through, and immediate opened fire with what looked like a mounted BFG-9000. The best the UAC had to offer were all disintegrated in a few seconds. Chaos broke lose within the Gateway control facility as hordes of small creatures poured out of the three gates. They ran through the facility with hellish speed and killed anyone that got in their way. Those unfortunate enough not to die were somehow "possessed" and quickly turned on their comrades. These subverted guards lead the invaders through the rest of the neighboring facilities. The UAC compound was quickly lost, and all communications ended.

To make matters worse, instead of sending in back up, the UAC ordered a blockade on the compound. No one was allowed to leave alive. Everyone and everything trying to make a run for it was shot on sight. It seems covering up whatever was going on was worth a lot more to them then you and your men's lives. With no way to escape out of the facility, and monsters rampaging through every hallway, you had to make a choice and fast. Would you risk being shot by your own kind, or be devoured by the creatures that are pouring through?

The only escape route was through that Gateway, even with a giant mechanized brain-monster in your way. You grab what weapon you have and make your way to through the barracks. Your goal is clear, to survive, and to contain, if possible, this invasion, by shutting down the primary reactor. You aren't sure how you will make it out of this, but it sure beats joining to military just to be shot by your own guys.

What's New

Demon Eclipse adds 9 new maps, a revamped Doom arensal with a few new weapons, and several new enemies.


Episode 1 is built around the original Doom E1. The weapons are mostly identical to the originals, although all have revamped graphics. There are several new weapons, although only 1 can be obtained by playing thru the game regularly. There are a handful of new enemies, most of them very though and are only found later in the game as minibosses or bosses.

Map Information

  • E1M1: "The Barracks"
  • E1M2: "Monitoring Station"
  • E1M3: "Waste Processing"
  • E1M4: "The Reactor"
  • E1M5: "Supply Depot"
  • E1M6: "Gateway Control"
  • E1M7: "The Abyssal Lair"
  • E1M8: "The Core"
  • E1M9: "Purification Plant" (Secret)

Monster Information

The names says it all. A stronger green-armored Chaingunner with 2 chainguns. Just one can quickly ruin your day. Fortunately they're rare.
A grey-skin cybernetic variant of the Hell-noble. These brutes boasts a mini-rocket launcher with double the health of a Baron. In essence, they are miniature Cyberdemons.
A super-Spider Mastermind, the Demolisher has double super-chainguns and a BFG-9000. Don't say you weren't warned.
With two rockey launchers, this cybernetic giant can either fire regular or homing rockets at you. Better find some cover.
Core Tentacles
Found only in the last level's final arena, these fleshy tendrils spawn from pits of flesh. They protect the core, and quickly regrow after being destroyed.
The Core
The source of Hell's corruption on Earth, this thing is a manifestation of Hell's power. Destroy it before it spawns too many hellspawn for you to handle.

Weapon Information

Automatic Shotgun
An automatic weapon with the same power as the regular shotgun, but less accurate and a 16-shell magazine. This weapon can only be found in the secret level.
Missile Launcher
This double-barrel weapon shoots out 2 small homing rockets. This was never used in-game and can only be obtained by cheats.
Gatling Gun
This heavy chaingun deals double the regular chaingun's damage per shot. Was never used; only obtained thru cheats.

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