Cutscene MAPINFO properties

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  • Video = "<videoname>"
Sets the video for the cutscene to play. This must be the full name of the video file, which consists of the path to the file, its name and extension, e.g "graphics/videos/coolvideo.ivf". For a list of supported video formats, see Video format.
  • Function = "<functionname>"
Specifies a ZScript function for the cutscene to run, rather than a video. This ZScript function needs to be static, have no return type, and take a ScreenJobRunner as its sole argument.
  • Sound = "<soundname>"
Specifies the sound that should play during the cutscene. This uses the logical name of a sound. (Verification needed) By default, GZDoom will instead look for an identically named OGG, FLAC, MP3, OPUS, or WAV file in the same directory as the video.
  • SoundID = <id>
Specifies the ID of the sound to play during the cutscene. The default is -1. (Need more info) (Verification needed)
  • FPS = <value>
Sets the framerate to play the cutscene at. This only works with ANM video.
  • Delete
Deletes the cutscenes' function and assigned video. The cutscene will still be defined, but will simply not play anything.
  • Clear
Clears the cutscene definition.