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Nuvolabomb.png Warning: The feature described on this page has been deprecated, and will no longer be supported or updated by the GZDoom developers. While some functionality may be retained for the purposes of backwards-compatibility, authors are strongly discouraged from utilizing this feature in future projects and to instead use the modern DECORATE format. Compatibility with future GZDoom versions is not guaranteed.

The general form for a simple decoration in the old DECORATE format is:


<Name> is the decoration's name and needs to be unique among all the classes defined in the source code and any you define in DECORATE.

There are several properties you can use:

  • DoomEdNum <x> - <x> is the thing number you use to place it in an editor.
  • SpawnNum <x> - <x> is the number you use to create it with the Thing_Spawn specials.
  • Sprite <ABCD> - <ABCD> is the name of the sprite to use.
  • Frames "ABCD" is a special sequence of characters that defines the animation to use for the actor. A sequence definition looks like this:

Rate is a number describing the number of tics between frames in this sequence. If you don't specify it, then a rate of 4 is used. Frames is a list of consecutive frame characters. Each frame can be postfixed with the asterisk (*) character to indicate that it is fullbright.

   ShortRedTorch looks like this: 
   HeadCandles looks like this: 
   TechLamp looks like this: 
   BloodyTwich looks like this: 
   "10:A, 15:B, 8:C, 6:B" 

Notice that if you want an animation with a non-constant rate, you can use commas to separate multiple sequences in the string used with the Frames property.

  • Alpha <x> - <x> is a number in the range [0, 1] and modifies the RenderStyle.
  • RenderStyle <style> - <style> is the method used to draw this decoration. It can be one of:
   STYLE_None - Invisible. 
   STYLE_Normal - Nothing special. 
   STYLE_Fuzzy - Spectre effect. 
   STYLE_SoulTrans - Translucent, amount comes from transsouls cvar. 
   STYLE_OptFuzzy - Spectre or translucent, depending on cvar r_drawfuzz. 
   STYLE_Translucent - Actor is see-through. 
   STYLE_Add - Actor is see-through and brightens the background. 
  • Radius <x> - <x> is the "radius" of this actor's bounding box.
  • Height <x> - <x> is its height.
  • Translation1 <x> - <x> is 0, 1, or 2 and corresponds to the standard Doom translations of gray, brown, and red.
  • Translation2 <x> - <x> is 0-255 and corresponds to a translation you set up in a level using ACS.
  • Solid - Blocks movement.
  • NoSector - Is not drawn but affects movement.
  • NoBlockmap - Is drawn but does not interact with the world.
  • SpawnCeiling - Spawns on the ceiling.
  • NoGravity - Does not fall with gravity.
  • LowGravity - Does not accelerate as quickly while falling.
  • WindThrust - Can be thrust by wind. I'm not sure if I have this fully implemented yet. It works for Heretic's windy sectors, but I don't think it works with Boom wind yet.
  • SpawnFloat - Spawns at a random height between the floor and ceiling. Versions 2.0.61 and earlier of ZDoom have a bug that causes this to work unreliably when the ceiling is more than 297 units above the floor.
  • Pushable - Can be pushed.
  • CannotPush - Cannot push other things that get in the way if it is being pushed.
  • FloatBob - Bobs like Heretic's and Hexen's items.
  • Reflective - Reflects missiles.
  • DontSplash - Does not splash in liquids.
  • FloorClip - Bottom pixels get cut off the sprite on floor clipping flats defined in the TEXTURE lump.
  • Scale <x> - Scales the sprite with a factor if <x>:1. Ex: Use 0.5 to draw a 100 unit image across 50 map units.

An example follows:

       DoomEdNum 20000 
       Sprite GOR1 
       Frames "1:A*B*C*B*, 10:ABCB" 
       Radius 16 
       Height 68 

Note: You can add a category comment to your Thing for Doom Builder to put this thing in a specific category of the Game Configuration you choose in Doom Builder. Things defined in the DECORATE lump that do not have this category comment will be added to a new category called "DECORATE" in Doom Builder.

Here is an example:

       DoomEdNum 20001
       Sprite SLMP
       Frames "ABCD"
       Radius 16
       Height 56
       //$Category lights