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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

When programming ZScript, it's often recommended practicing a different coding language to become familiar with how things work. However, every language has its own quirks that make it different from the next one. Here is a list of identified coding languages that possess many similarities to ZScript and their differences, including (but not limited to) syntax.

From C(++)

  • No dereference or address variable pointers (* and & respectively) -- only by pointers (i.e.
  • 'new' syntax is <ClassName> thing = new("<ClassName>");
NOTE: Actor classes and all inheriting from it cannot be created with the 'new' keyword, only the Spawn function or related.
  • 'auto' is known as 'let'
  • 'this' is known as 'self'
  • 'readonly' keyword available

From Java

  • 'boolean' is known as 'bool'
  • No 'public' keyword

From Lua

ZScript has multi-return and named arguments from Lua, with the following differences:

  • Multi-return values must be encased in square brackets: [val1, val2] = A_MyFunctionWithTwoReturns();
  • Named arguments must be used after the required parameters, and must be in order according to the function's specifications.