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Environment protection power
Actor type Power Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number None Class Name PowerIronFeet

Classes: InventoryPowerupPowerIronFeet

PowerIronFeet is an internal class. An item of this class is placed in the player's inventory while he is having Doom's radsuit effect.

There are two modes for the powerup:

  • Normal: Default mode. The player is nearly immune to damage from some type of sector special-based damaging floors, typically represented by radioactive nukage, toxic sludge, or burning lava (but the actual texture is of no consequence). Concretely, it protects against dLight_Strobe_Hurt, dDamage_Hellslime, dDamage_Nukage, dDamage_SuperHellslime, sDamage_Hellslime, sDamage_SuperHellslime, and the generalized Boom damage flags. There is about one chance on forty that the protection will fail against Strobe_Hurt and SuperHellslimes during a given second. It does not protect at all against dDamage_LavaWimpy, dDamage_LavaHefty and dScroll_EastLavaDamage.
  • Full: Total-protection mode. It is similar to Normal, but it also protects against the types of damaging floors that the Normal mode does not protect against, whether it is partial protection or not.

If multiple powerups of this type with different modes are in effect, the Full mode takes priority.

The powerup has the additional effect of reducing drowning damage to zero and resetting the player's air supply every tic.

Like all other Powerups, items of this class are never used directly. Instead you have to create a new item that inherits from PowerupGiver to give it to the player.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR PowerIronFeet : Powerup native
  Powerup.Duration -60
  Powerup.Color 0, 255, 0, 0.125