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Patrol point
Actor type Script thing Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number 9024 Class Name PatrolPoint

Classes: PatrolPoint

Monster routes are controlled through the use of patrol points, or path nodes. A patrol point ignores its special and assigns special meaning to its arguments.


Patrol points take two arguments:

  • args[0] → TID of the next PatrolPoint in the path.
  • args[1] → time (in seconds) a monster should wait at this node before proceeding to the next one.

To set a monster on a path, you have two options: use the Thing_SetGoal special in a script or on a line to send a monster or group of monsters to a node, or set a monster's special to Thing_SetGoal. If a monster's special is Thing_SetGoal, and the tid specified for the special is 0, the monster will be sent to the node automatically when the level is loaded, and its special will be ignored if it dies.

Also of note is the patrol special thing which can be used to execute a thing special when an actor reaches a certain path node.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR PatrolPoint
  Radius 8
  Height 8
  Mass 10
  RenderStyle None

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