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Hexen armor
Actor type Internal Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number None Class Name HexenArmor

Classes: InventoryArmorHexenArmor

Armor in Hexen works differently from armor in other games based upon the doom engine, such as Heretic and Doom. Instead of a save percent and save amount, there is instead a value called armor class that encompasses both values.

A HexenArmor-derived item has no intrinsic armor value, instead the protection it offers depends on the PlayerClass definition, through the following line:

Player.HexenArmor base value, armor value, shield value, helm value, amulet value

The values given here must be multiple of five, as they are divided by five on the HUD.

  • Base value is the player class's intrinsic armor class value, and doesn't correspond to an item.
  • Armor value is the armor class increase granted by the Mesh Armor.
  • Shield value is armor class increase granted by the Falcon Shield.
  • Helm value is armor class increase granted by the Platinum Helm.
  • Amulet value is armor class increase granted by the Amulet of Warding.

Because of the way Hexen Armor works, it is not possible to create meaningful new armor items, although it is possible to create classes gaining different numerical benefits from them. It may be possible to create new items that, like the Dragonskin Bracers, enhance the character's armor class through a different method. The bracers give a 20% (+4) armor class bonus to all classes, up to the class's maximum (which is equal to a fully-armored character using the bracers once). For reference, here is a table showing the different AC values for the different Hexen player classes:

Hexen Armor Classes: Total (Displayed)
Class Name Unarmored Mesh Armor Falcon Shield Platinum Helm Amulet Of Warding Fully Armored Maximum Total
Baratus the Fighter 15 (3) 25 (5) 20 (4) 15 (3) 5 (1) 80 (16) 100 (20)
Parias the Cleric 10 (2) 10 (2) 25 (5) 5 (1) 20 (4) 70 (14) 90 (18)
Daedolon the Mage 5 (1) 5 (1) 15 (3) 10 (2) 25 (5) 60 (12) 80 (16)

DECORATE definition

ACTOR HexenArmor : Armor native

Related Classes

ArtiBoostArmor, called in-game the Dragonskin Bracers, enhances a character's Hexen Armor class.