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B4DooM (DooM Prequel)
Author Chris & Matthew Syrimes, Indigo Rain
Port GZDoom
IWAD Doom,Doom2,Plutonia,TNT
Status Work in Progress
Link http://b4doom.blogspot.com


The B4DooM Project is a resurrection of a very popular DooM "prequel" mod created by Indigo Rain Development in 1996. With the improvements in technology and the Zdoom source port, many of the intended features of B4DooM can now be realized. Relive DooM in a new way by turning it into a prequel. B4DooM enhances the original DooM environment while carefully maintaining the classic look and feel that millions of fans will always love.

Main Features

  • You play as an evil medieval sorcerer, who was banished into the infernal dimensions and is accidentally freed 1000 years later due to the teleportation technology being developed by UAC for the transport of cargo on Mars' moons - and who now leads the invading demon horde...
  • Marines replace the zombie soldiers/ monsters in original DooM, and you possess the marines into the zombies and bring the monsters, who then go on to attack the other marines - making it all out war!
  • The souls of the possessed are used for weapons, powerups, health etc. only - no existing items in the original game can be picked up
  • You can fly and move faster - but also build up great strength and powerful weapons as you possess the marines
  • More ways to fight than using weapons. Possess marines to do it for you, blast fire and enemies' projectiles on to them etc.

Intended Features or Fixes

  • Play as the original doom marine or different monsters in DooM
  • Movie style intro/ cut scenes
  • Ability to spawn minions (monsters that attack marines) instead of what exists in the level, perhaps achieved with new weapons or items
  • Marines must also aim to attack monsters without being attacked first or only targeting the player
  • Marines must not engage in in-fighting (team flag in new zdoom?)