Arachnotron Doom Launcher

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Arachnotron Doom Launcher is a cross platform launcher for Windows and Linux built using QT by Lycanite.

Profile and Category Features

  • Advanced Launch Profiles with Profile Inheritance allowing for multiple profiles to share launch options from a parent Profile.
  • Customisable Categories, Profiles and art work.
  • Shareable Profiles and Categories saved as simple json files with support for relative resource file/folder paths.
  • Mass Profile and Category json importing.
  • Profile defined player classes and cvars.

Launch Features

  • Separate Launch and Profile settings, for example a profile can have a cvar set by default then a Launch setting can override that cvar or a Launch setting could include a random map wad file not included by the Profile itself.
  • Streamer friendly features such as blurring the join IP address field.
  • All multiplayer options including Game Type drop downs, sliders for Players, DUP and other advanced launch arguments.
  • Other advanced launch arguments are support such as level time limits, no/fast monsters, freeze on startup, etc.

Resource Features

  • Iwad finding.
  • Multiple engines (source ports) with optional per engine configs.