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The list below covers all functions available to the Actor class that were originally intended to be executed from Actor states. All of these functions are available in GZDoom both in ZScript and in DECORATE (deprecated).

Note, however, that this list is not truly exhaustive:

1. Action specials can be executed from states as well.
2. In ZScript, the absolute majority of ZScript actor functions can also be called in Actor states without any limitations.
Note: The word "action" in the title if this page is largely here for historical reasons. In DECORATE all of these functions were action, but in ZScript action is a specific function type that in the majority of cases is only important for Weapon functions. Most of the functions listed below are, in fact, NOT action functions, but just regular functions without a type. Creating a new function that can be executed from an Actor state also doesn't require making it an action function.

Monster AI

Generic monster attacks

Freeze death functions

Sound functions

Print actions

Special actions

Spawn functions

State jumps

Status changes

Model changes

Dynamic lights

Missile movement

Inventory functions

Weapon functions

Weapon attack functions

Script functions

Original Doom/Strife monster attacks

Miscellaneous functions for Doom

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