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void A_SpawnParticle(color color1, int flags = 0, int lifetime = TICRATE, double size = 1, double angle = 0, double xoff = 0, double yoff = 0, double zoff = 0, double velx = 0, double vely = 0, double velz = 0, double accelx = 0, double accely = 0, double accelz = 0, double startalphaf = 1, double fadestepf = -1, double sizestep = 0)


Spawns a single particle.

For a version taht supports custom graphics, see A_SpawnParticleEx.

For a more robust struct-using version see SpawnParticle (ZScript).


  • color1: The color of the particle. Can be used with a hexadecimal value or a predefined value such as "Black".
  • flags: Customizes the behavior of the function. Multiple flags can be combined by using the bitwise OR operator (|) between the constant names:
  • SPF_FULLBRIGHT — Makes the particle full bright.
  • SPF_RELPOS — Position is relative to angle.
  • SPF_RELVEL — Velocity is relative to angle.
  • SPF_RELACCEL — Acceleration is relative to angle.
  • SPF_RELANG — Adds the calling actor's angle to angle for relativity.
  • SPF_NOTIMEFREEZE — The spawned particle is not affected by the time freeze powerup or cheat.
  • SPF_ROLL - The particle is allowed to use its' startroll, rollvel, and rollacc parameters.
  • SPF_REPLACE — If the the particle limit is reached, the oldest particles will be removed to make room for particles with SPF_REPLACE.
  • SPF_NO_XY_BILLBOARD - The particle does not have any sort of billboarding, causing it to render similarly to normal actor sprites, instead of facing the players' view at all times.
Default is 0.
  • lifetime: The lifetime of the particle in tics. Default is TICRATE which equals to one second (35 tics).
  • size: The size of the particle. Default is 1.
  • angle: The angle to offset the particle by. Default is 0.
  • x/yoff: The distance from the actor to spawn the particle along the X axis. Note that this is not relative. Default is 0.
  • zoff: How high up to spawn the particle from the actor's Z position. Default is 0.
  • velx/y/z: The velocity along the X/Y/Z axis to apply to the particle. This is in absolute direction, not relative. Default is 0.
  • accelx/y/z: Defines how much to accelerate the particle by over its lifespan. Default is 0.
  • startalphaf: Specifies the particle's alpha upon spawning. Default is 1.0.
  • fadestepf: The amount by which the particle fades each tic. The particle is automatically removed early if it fades completely before lifetime expires. -1 indicates automatic (a complete fade-out over the length of lifetime). Default is -1.
  • sizestep: The particle grows or shrinks in size by this amount per tic.


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