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void A_SetTranslation (name transname)


Applies a TRNSLATE-defined translation to the calling actor. Unlike Thing_SetTranslation, this accepts an actual name instead of an ID.


  • transname: the name of the translation to use.


This is a regular zombie which has a pain state that allows it to be "glitched", randomly changing its stats, as well as changing its translation.

ACTOR GlitchyZombie : ZombieMan
        POSS G 1 A_PlaySound("Glitch/Explode")
        POSS G 1 A_GiveInventory("Glitcho", 1)
        POSS G 1 A_SetHealth(random(1, 200))
        POSS G 1 A_SetSpecies("Glitchy")
        POSS G 1 A_SetMass(random(0, 1000))
        POSS G 1 A_SetSpeed(random(10, 40))
        POSS G 1 A_ChangeFlag("SPRITEFLIP", 1)
        POSS G 1 A_ChangeFlag("NOTIMEFREEZE", 1)
        POSS G 1 A_ChangeFlag("BRIGHT", 1)
        POSS G 1 A_SetTranslation("Glitch")
        POSS G 3 A_Pain
        Goto See