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A_PainAttack [(string spawntype [, float angle [, int flags [, int limit )]]]]
A_DualPainAttack [(string spawntype)]

The attack of Doom's Pain Elemental. If no parameter is specified this shoots a Lost Soul. A_DualPainAttack is the variant from Doom64. It shoots two actors at an angle of +45 and -45 degrees.

  • spawntype: The type of actor to spawn. By default a LostSoul.
  • angle: The angle at which the spawned actor is projected.
  • flags: The following flags can be combined by using the | character between the constant names:
    • PAF_NOSKULLATTACK — No skull attack: The spawned actor will not immediately call A_SkullAttack as it normally would.
    • PAF_AIMFACING — Aim with current facing: The calling actor will not call A_FaceTarget before spawning the monster.
    • PAF_NOTARGET — No target: The spawned actor will not adopt the calling actor's target as its own.
  • limit: Spawning the given actor will fail if there are already that many on the map. 0 is unlimited. By default, the value is 21 if compat_limitpain is on and unlimited otherwise.


This example is taken straight from Doom's Pain Elemental.

   PAIN DE 5 A_FaceTarget
   PAIN F 5 bright A_FaceTarget
   PAIN F 0 bright A_PainAttack    // See LostSoul
   goto See