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(no parameters)

This is the Maulotaur's floorfire attack. If the calling actor has no valid target, does nothing. Otherwise plays the sound "minotaur/attack3" on the VOICE channel. If the target is within melee range, it is inflicted 3d8 (for a minotaur with the SUMMONEDMONSTER flag) or 5d8 (otherwise) damage. If the target is a player, its viewheight is also lowered as in A_MinotaurAtk1.

If the target is not within melee range, spawns a MinotaurFX2 and, if successfully spawned, plays the sound "minotaur/attack1" on the WEAPON channel. The compatibility setting "No Minotaur floor flames in water" (compat_minotaur) prevents the flames from spawning if the calling actor is floorclipped, if that happens it instead plays on the WEAPON channel the "minotaur/fx2hit" sound.

If the calling actor's special2 field is 0, it has a 75% chance of being put into its HammerLoop state and having said field set to 1.

This codepointer is restricted to Minotaur and derived classes.