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bool A_FaceMovementDirection [(float offset [, float anglelimit [, float pitchlimit [, int flags [, int ptr]]]])]


Faces the calling actor's ptr to the direction of movement speed, offsetting the angle of the actor by offset after limiting the turning by anglelimit and pitchlimit, if specified.


  • offset - Offsets the actor's angle by this amount, which is applied after the anglelimit. Default is 0.
  • anglelimit - Specifies the maximum angle the actor can turn in degrees. Default is 0.
  • pitchlimit - Specifies the maximum pitch the actor can change in degrees. Default is 0.
  • flags - Flags can be combined with the | separator.
  • FMDF_NOPITCH - Disables pitch adjusting.
  • FMDF_NOANGLE - Disables angle adjusting.
  • FMDF_INTERPOLATE - Interpolates the adjustments of pitch and/or angle.
  • ptr - The actor pointer to modify. Defaults to AAPTR_DEFAULT (self). Cannot be NULL.


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