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(no parameters)

This function checks whether the player still has enough ammunition for another attack with the current weapon. If not, it starts a weapon change.


This code is taken from Doom 2's SuperShotgun. A_CheckReload is called to check to see if there are any more shells left before starting the "reload" animation of the super shotgun.

    SHT2 A 3
    SHT2 A 7 A_FireShotgun2
    SHT2 B 7
    SHT2 C 7 A_CheckReload
    SHT2 D 7 A_OpenShotgun2
    SHT2 E 7
    SHT2 F 7 A_LoadShotgun2
    SHT2 G 6
    SHT2 H 6 A_CloseShotgun2
    SHT2 A 5 A_ReFire
    Goto Ready