ZDoom Line Specials



TranslucentLine — sets the translucency level for one or more lines.


TranslucentLine (lineid, amount);
TranslucentLine (
  lineid,    // Line ID of lines to make translucent
  amount     // How translucent the line should be


If set to zero, then this special will only change the translucency of the line it is placed on. If lineid is non-zero, then every line with a matching ID will have its translucency set. In addition, a non-zero lineid parameter will also set this line's ID.
How opaque the line should be. 0 is practically invisible; 255 is fully opaque. For a line that is discernably translucent, use a value somewhere between the two.


When used in ACS, this special's behavior is slightly different than when you place it on a line. From a script, lineid does not change any line's ID. It is only used to specify which lines should have their translucency changed. Placed on a line, TranslucentLine will change its line's ID to lineid if lineid is non-zero.


TranslucentLine only applies to the midtexture of two-sided lines, because only the middle parts of two-sided lines have anything behind them to see.


Create a 50% translucent line:

TranslucentLine (0, 128);

Create a 66% opaque/33% transparent line:

TranslucentLine (0, 169);

Assign this line an ID of 3 and set every line with ID 3 (including this one) to be 75% opaque/25% transparent:

TranslucentLine (3, 191);

First Available In

ZDoom 1.16

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