ZDoom Line Specials



SetPlayerProperty — sets or clears a special player property


SetPlayerProperty (who, set, which);
SetPlayerProperty (
  who,       // Who to affect
  set,       // Whether to set or clear the property
  which      // Which property to modify


This determines which player will have a property modified. If this is 0, then only the player who activated the special will be affected. If this is 1, then every player in the game will be affected.
If this is 0, then the property will be turned off. If this is 1, then the property will be turned on.
There are currently five properties that can be applied to a player:

ValueACS NameDescription
0 PROP_FROZEN The player cannot move left, right, forward, or backward. However, he can still jump, shoot his weapon, and use things.
1 PROP_NOTARGET Monsters that have not seen the player will ignore him unless he attacks them. Monsters that have already seen the player will continue to chase after him and attack.
2 PROP_INSTANTWEAPONSWITCH The player will be able to change weapons instantly without having to wait for the old weapon to drop and the new one to rise.
3 PROP_FLY The player will fly around as if he had the Wings of Wrath.
4 PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN This is similar to PROP_FROZEN, except the player is restricted even more: All he will be able to do is press his use button.


This special's function is the same whether you activate it on a line or use it in a script.


PROP_FROZEN was introduced to prevent the player from moving around during cutscenes. PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN is a more recent alternative that was introduced when it became apparent that the player was still able to do too much even with PROP_FROZEN active. Whichever of the two properties you use, you should be nice and offer a way for the player to skip long cutscenes. Both properties allow the player to press his use button, so you can position him in front of a line that will cancel the cutscene when it gets used.

If you use this special inside an open script, then it will always affect all players no matter what value you use for who because open scripts are activated by the world and not any particular player.


Prevent every player in the game from moving:

SetPlayerProperty (1, 1, PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN);

Allow every player in the game to move again:

SetPlayerProperty (1, 0, PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN);

Turn on notarget mode for the player that activated this special:

SetPlayerProperty (0, 1, PROP_NOTARGE);

First Available In

ZDoom 1.17
PROP_INSTANTWEAPONSWITCH was added in ZDoom 1.23 beta 11
PROP_FLY and PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN were both added in ZDoom 2.0.36

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