ZDoom Line Specials



ChangeSkill — sets the skill level the next time a new map is loaded.


ChangeSkill (skill);
ChangeSkill (
  skill     // new skill level


The new skill level to use.


This special's function is the same whether you activate it on a line or use it in a script.


This special is meant for use in Quake-like start maps.

The skill level does not change immediately. Instead, the change will not happen until the player leaves the current level and enters a new one. Previously visited maps in a hub will not be completely effected by this special because they have already had all their monsters and items spawned. However, any ACS scripts in a previously visited map will know about the new skill level.

For best results if you want to use this special in a hub, you should use it just before leaving the current hub. That way, the new hub will be completely in one skill level, and you want have to worry about having a hub with some levels at one skill level and other levels at a different skill level.

There are five different skill levels available, numbered 0-4:

Skill LevelACS NameDoom NameHeretic Name
0 SKILL_VERY_EASY I'm too young to die Thou needeth a wet-nurse
1 SKILL_EASY Hey, not too rough Yellowbellies-r-us
2 SKILL_NORMAL Hurt me plenty Bringest them oneth
3 SKILL_HARD Ultra-Violence Thou art a smite-meister
4 SKILL_VERY_HARD Nightmare! Black plague possess thee


To make the game as easy as possible once the player reaches the next level, use this:

ChangeSkill (SKILL_VERY_EASY);
- or -
ChangeSkill (0);

To make the game play at normal difficulty once the player reaches the next level, use this:

ChangeSkill (SKILL_NORMAL);
- or -
ChangeSkill (2);

First Available In

ZDoom 1.23 beta 29

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