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17:Thing_Raise (tid)

  • tid: The tid of the thing(s) you want to resurrect.

Resurrects the specified thing like an archvile does. If tid is 0 it tries to resurrect the activator. This special does not work on players.


This script will print a message on the screen and cause the tagged monsters to resurrect, though it will only do that on skill difficulty 3 or higher.

Script 1 (int tid)
  If(GameSkill() >= SKILL_HARD)
    Print(s:"Prepare to die!!");

This zombie will keep coming back up each time it is dispatched normally without being gibbed.

ACTOR ResZombieMan : ZombieMan
    POSS H 5
    POSS I 5 A_Scream
    POSS J 5 A_NoBlocking
    POSS K 5
    POSS L random(35, 105) // Wait between 1-3 seconds before rising
    POSS L -1 Thing_Raise(0)

Note that for the special to be successfully called like in the above example, the state from which the special is called has to have an infinite duration.