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void SetHUDClipRect (int x; int y, int width, int height[, int wrapwidth]); (New from 2.7.1)


Set the clipping rectangle for future HUD messages. If you do not specify wrapwidth, the HUD message will be laid out as normal, but pixels outside the rectangle will not be drawn. If you specify wrapwidth, then the message will be wrapped to that width. Use SetHUDClipRect(0, 0, 0, 0[, 0]) to reset everything back to normal.


  • x
The X coordinate at which the clipping rectangle starts.
  • y
The Y coordinate at which the clipping rectangle starts.
  • width
The width of the clipping rectangle.
  • height
The height of the clipping rectangle.
  • wrapwidth
(Need more info)


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