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A_FaceMaster [(float angle[, float pitch])]


Changes the calling actor's angle to face its current master. The master field can be set by spawning with A_SpawnItemEx.


  • angle: If specified, then the calling actor cannot turn by more than said angle. (A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle.) However, the SHADOW flag has no effect in such case.
  • pitch: If specified to a value no greater than 180, then the calling actor's pitch is adjusted up to said value to face its current master. (A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle; and technically a pitch change will never be greater than 180 degrees.) By default this is 270, which means its disabled. It will also aim at the actor's feet when set to 0.


This function can cause minions to face and heal their master using negative damage projectiles or other methods.

  TROO EF 8 A_FaceMaster
  TROO G 6 A_CustomMissile("HealBall")
  goto See

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