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A_FaceMaster [(float angle[, float pitch])]


Changes the calling actor's angle to face its current master. The master field can be set by spawning with A_SpawnItemEx.


  • angle: If specified, then the calling actor cannot turn by more than said angle. (A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle.) However, the SHADOW flag has no effect in such case.
  • pitch: If specified to a value no greater than 180, then the calling actor's pitch is adjusted up to said value to face its current master. (A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle; and technically a pitch change will never be greater than 180 degrees.)


This function can cause minions to face and heal their master using negative damage projectiles or other methods.

  TROO EF 8 A_FaceMaster
  TROO G 6 A_CustomMissile("HealBall")
  goto See

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